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“Would You Like 3 New Clients This Month?”

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If you are tired of struggling looking for clients that adore you, that appreciateClients By Design by Lisa Angelettie your expertise, that pay you on time, and that are excited to step up in a bigger way with you, then I invite you to grab your FREE copy of my audio and action guide training class: Clients By Design — How To Attract Your Next 3 Ideal Clients In 30 Days (or less:) Using 3 Simple Steps!

As a former struggling psychotherapist and coach myself, I’m not going to bother with all the reasons why you should take advantage of this training. You know why. You’re sick of feeling like any minute this “coaching thing” or this “consultant gig” is going to fail. You’re tired of looking around at the entrepreneurs who have got it figured out and are making a great living and more importantly living a more freedom based life.

There is a reason for this. A simple, no fuss, strategy that I have figured out through trial and error of my own and blended with some strategies from mentoring with 7 figure industry leaders. In fact when you download my FREE training you will learn these 5 essential strategies for consistent client attraction:

1. How To Get Started Enrolling Clients Right Away

2. How To Make Sure That You Are Trying To Attract The Right Clients For Your Business

3. The Critical Mindshift You Must Make In Order To Attract YOUR ideal Clients

4. A System That Will Not Only Help You Book More Clients But Create More Income Streams In Your Business

5. The #1 Strategy That Will Have Clients Seeking YOU Out Instead Of You Desperately Searching For Them

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