Common Mistakes In Grammar

Common Mistakes In Grammar: Lisa Angelettie’s Guide To Commonly Misused Words

While I must admit that I always got an A in English, I was no grammar queen! In fact, the inspiration for all of my grammar related articles is a desire to sharecommon mistakes in grammar my writing blunders with readers and hopefully teach someone not to make the same mistakes.

Yet here’s also another thing–as Google has evolved and updated the way they evaluate and rank websites, the quality of your content including grammar, spelling, and layout is taken into more consideration than ever before. So it makes perfect sense that we should put our best foot forward when writing and publishing content on the web. Plus, we don’t want to look dumb right? (LOL!)

Here’s My Guide To The Most Commonly Misused English Words On The Web:

Seperate or Separate – Grammar Tips

In Or Into: Grammar Tip

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Bring Or Take: Grammar Tip

Comma Errors To Avoid: Grammar Tip

Then Vs. Than: Grammar Tip

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Affect Vs. Effect: A Grammar Lesson

Reccommend Vs. Recommend

Your Or You’re: A Grammar Lesson

Sheer or Shear: A Grammar Tip

Pedal or Peddle or Petal: Grammar Tips

Dam or Damn: A Grammar Lesson

Fiance or Fiancee: A Grammar Lesson

Through vs. Thru: A Grammar Lesson

Flare or Flair: A Grammar Lesson

Bare or Bear: Grammar Tips

Laid or Layed: A Grammar Lesson

If you’d like more grammar tips like this, I recommend getting Grammar Girl’s Quick & Dirty Tips For Better Writing. It’s one of my favorites:) Fore more tips on better writing for your business, please subscribe to my weekly content marketing articles: