First Day Of School!

This is not one of my usual informational marketing articles today; probably because I’m so darn excited that today is the first day of school for my 3 girls!!! Can I get a high-five across the homes of families everywhere:)

Thanks in part to making a wonderful living online with articles, my family was able to move to Philadelphia to take care of my ailing mother, while still paying for our home in Northern NJ (because who can sell in this market:), while also buying a wonderful new 7 bedroom home in one of the nearby suburbs of Philadelphia. So now the girls will be starting a new school tomorrow, in a great school district, and back to to life as we all know it!

Truth be told, my girls miss school, even with all the opportunities I have had to spend with them this summer. They love learning, school friendships, recess!

So this is part — I’m excited for my girls (who couldn’t get to sleep last night!), because they are excited. Yet this is also part, I’m so excited that I am able to make a living online which is supporting this new school, new home, and a balanced life for all of us. I feel great actually.

If you are new online and are wondering if you can truly ever make a real living at this, or if this is just for the very few online who are in their own little millionaire “clique”, I am here to tell you that you can do this. That it takes work. It takes passion. And it takes good content. But you can make it happen – even in this economy:)


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