Free Article Marketing Course: Lesson 6 – How To Become A Celebrity Expert

You are probably very passionate about your business and what you do, aren’t you? In fact, it could be that the only problem is – is that everyone else doesn’t seem to know how much you love what you do. Or how about the fact that no one even knows that you are really GOOD at what you do.

With problems like this, you may think that you need a publicist to get the word out; but publicists cost a fortune — and what entrepreneur really has the budget to hire one?

Well guess what? Not only can you get the word out about what you do and how well you do it — but you can also position yourself as the “go to” person in your niche or what I like to call the “celebrity expert” using article marketing.

Articles have the power to help you carve out a strong presence in your field and become the resident expert. The principle behind this is really simple.

When you write articles and have them published on a variety of high-traffic, high-exposure websites — you have become a published author. Published authors or writers are automatically given more credibility in any marketplace, because there is an assumption that they must be highly knowledgeable on the topic that they are writing about.

The more knowledge — the more credibility. The more credibility — the stronger your position is in your market. The stronger your position in your niche — the more people trust you — the more money you will make.

It’s that simple.

Just remember that the key to working this principle to your favor is to:

1. Write high-quality content packed with information that your market wants to read.
2. Write often so that you are visible to your marketplace.
3. Be highly selective about where your publish your articles. Don’t just publish them to any ole’ dead in the water article directory.

Ready to take your article marketing to the next level? You will when you enroll into Articology™ – The Article Marketing Training Program.

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