#1 Newsletter Tweak I Made That Increased Reader Engagement

Are You Ready To Learn How To Increase Client & Customer Engagement & Conversion? It’s Simple. Give People Permission To Have A Conversation With You.

client conversation

A funny thing happened to me over the last 2 months. I started remembering some of the stuff taught to me over the years about customer and client engagement and actually began implementing it:) This is how it happened…

1. Over the last few months I have had some conversations where the person referred to me as a “guru” or “expert” or “professional” and while these are flattering words they frightened me a little. I realized in those moments that one of the reasons why I had been struggling with generating more reader engagement (getting people to have a conversation with me online) is because the didn’t think they could. They didn’t think I was available or they thought they had to pay first to talk to me. Ugh! That’s so not me.

2. So I decided to run a random test (I do a lot of testing) with my newsletter (Copy & Content… formerly known as Unleash Your Income) and added a few words to every issue: Reach out to me on my Facebook Page if you want to shout me out or ask a question. I may not write this exactly in every issue, but some derivative of it so that my language is not forced but natural.

3. I noticed after making this one change that miraculously MORE people began to share, like, and comment on my posts OR they contacted me directly through a Facebook message. In fact, 70% of the people who contacted me via FB message ended up having a phone conversation with me later and 3 of those calls turned into clients. Not bad for a few simple words in my free weekly newsletter:)

4. So what is the real magic going on here? The magic is that I gave my newsletter readers PERMISSION to contact me to just say hello or to ask me any question they wanted. When I did that — they responded! Most people need you to tell them what the next step is in order for them to take it.

You can actually use this same strategy for the end of blog posts, videos, etc. and it will work.

When I do this I normally get responses via email (although I rather people reach me on FB:) but hey I’m not picky! Many people have said that they were surprised and pleased that they got a personal answer from me. Interesting right? I mean I’m not Oprah! And I didn’t get it at first, but you’d be surprised. That’s what a lot of people may be thinking about you too.

So go ahead…give them permission to have a conversation and watch how it opens up your business in ways you never imagined!

I’d love to open up the conversation about what you just read in the comments below or on my Facebook Page. Ask me anything:)

#1 Reason Why I Won’t Buy From You

no sale sign

This article was not on my editorial calendar, but something happened today that moved me to write on this topic. I was on Facebook and I happen to stumble upon a blogger who wrote a cool article about guest posting. I really thought it was good, so I thought I’d follow her and read a little more of her stuff. This blogger’s niche is “traffic”, so she had a link today in her Facebook stream (timeline) on how to increase your Google traffic using a simple strategy.

The link was to a page on her website which then automatically opened to a video. A pretty long video all about her new “traffic course”. The video had no value. It was very much a “long form” video sales page.

That pissed me off…

First, because her post on Facebook was somewhat deceiving. It led me to believe that I was going to learn a little something. At least one small tip. NOT! It felt very old school, slick styled, marketing 101. Social media is not the place for that. I want engagement and value, and then if you want to sell me into your traffic course — fine — but tell me that’s what you’re doing!

Second, the video was long. Too long for someone not even aware that I was going to be “sold” to. I think it was about 14 minutes. I watched it because at this point I was curious.

So here’s my point…

Now I don’t really like or trust this blogger. This is the #1 reason why I won’t buy from her. It’s not that she did anything ridiculously slimy, it’s just that when I make a decision to invest my money with someone, it’s usually someone who has attempted to engage me authentically, has been crystal clear, and has given me value FIRST.

If you are going for the sale from a social media site where the expectation is “engagement”, chances are the main reason why you aren’t making any sales is because the people in your network don’t trust you.


How To Create A WordPress Comment Thank You Page & Redirection

I talk a LOT about how to attract new clients but today I’d like to pay attention to how we are going to “convert” those prospects into paying clients. Well there are a lots of strategies for this, my primary one being building a “trust relationship” with readers. Yet that takes some time to nurture and cultivate, so here is a strategy that works quickly and produces immediate results — the art of saying thank you. A thank you goes a long way, especially on the web where things can get really impersonal. So today I want to show you how you can “thank” people who graciously take time out of their day to leave a comment on your blog.

Step 1 – Create A Thank You Page

The first thing you need to do is create a page in WordPress where you speak specifically to people who have left a comment on your blog. People who have left a comment on your blog are interested in you and your content, so it’s a good idea to ask for them to take the next step and subscribe to your updates/newsletter. You can also talk a little about yourself and start building a “connection” with your readers that’s a little more personal. Here’s a chunk of my thank you page, but if you want to see the entire page and it’s your first time leaving a comment, just leave a comment below so you can see what my page includes as well as well as the “magic” of the redirection:)

wordpress comment redirection

Step 2 – Create The Redirection

There are a few ways you can do this. Pick which one works best for you and is easiest to implement.

Option 1 – Create the redirection in your functions.php file by adding this piece of code. Special Thanks to Paulund for this tip. This avoids you having to download yet another WordPress Plugin. If you use the Thesis template, then add your code to your custom_functions.php file.

wordpress redirection

Option 2Use the Comment Redirect WordPress Plugin by Yoast

This is probably the easiest solution to implement. You can download the WordPress plugin simply by going to the “plugins” section in your dashboard and searching for “Comment Redirect By Yoast”. Download and activate the plugin.

I use quite a few plugins on my site and am trying to be very selective about anything I add, it’s better for my site (any site really) if I can perform many of the “tricks” I want by adding code rather than plugins. Therefore I have gone with option 1.

Check It Out!
If you’d like to test drive my site out first, feel free to leave a comment of any length to this post, and watch how it works.

Questions? Ask me over on Facebook.

How We Shared Content In 2011

How We Shared Content In 2011. What Traffic You May Have Missed Out On. How You Can Do Better In 2012…

The website social media sharing widget AddThis recently published statistics on how people shared their content in 2011 and while some of the stats were predictable, a few others were surprising. I thought this would be good information for us all to know when moving forward in 2012 in how we share our content for maximum exposure.

Just to give you a little background information, AddThis is installed on over 11 million websites and reaches over 1.2 billion users. So these statistics give a pretty good view of the kind of sharing being done on the web today.

1. Facebook makes up 52.1% of  sharing on the web, which is up from last year’s 44%. This statistic is not really surprising as we all are well aware of how much of a powerhouse Facebook is – but if you were on the fence about joining because you are afraid of the technology or learning curve it’s time to get over it! Sign up for your account and create your own FB page this year and ensure that your content is part of the 52% being shared across the web in 2012. I will be publishing instructional videos around the topic of Facebook for business this year, so look out for those. Find me on Facebook at: http://LisaLovesFacebook.com

2. Twitter makes up about 13.5% of sharing on the web and has grown 576.9% since last year. While not a huge percentage of content sharing, the increase is significant enough for all entrepreneurs to establish a Twitter account and get tweeting this year. Find me on Twitter at @LisaAngelettie

3. StumbleUpon increased its sharing power by 320% this year. StumbleUpon has steadily increased it’s sharing power over the years and this year they even redesigned the site. It’s doubled it’s users over the last 16 months to about 20 million users, so it’s an important sharing tool when considering where you want to be found on social media this year. Find me on StumbleUpon.

4. Tumblr sharing is growing by 1299.5% and is accelerating. In fact, in June surpassed WordPress as the most popular blogging platform hosting 20.8 million sites! Who knew right? So this is a very important content sharing platform every entrepreneur needs to be taking advantage of in 2012. The numbers speak for themselves. Find me on Tumblr.

5. What isn’t working: Newcomer Google+ grew tremendously this year but has plateaued, Digg declined by a whopping 47.7%, MySpace continues to decline by 56.9% (are people still on there?), and sharing via emailing and printing are down to 14% (which honestly is still how I like to share).

I hope these statistics give you an outlook on what content sharing platforms are working, where you need to be, and where you need to share your content this year. Are you using these content sharing tools right now? I’ll admit that I have neglected StumbleUpon because I hated the interface, but the new design is very user friendly so I will give it more attention this year. I’ve also fully automated my sharing on Tumblr but may take a more active approach towards my sharing over there in order to fully engage the community. Let me know your thoughts…


Source: Atomic Reach, AddThis

Identify Your Ideal Client

Identify Your Ideal Client

Are you struggling with how to find and target people who desire and most importantly will pay you for your services? Then I can pretty much guarantee that you haven’t clearly identified your ideal client, because once you do, it will be clear where to find them and what they want. Enjoy this brief but succinct article from branding expert and Diamond client Kelly Green on how to quickly and easily identify your ideal client.
Your Ideal Client
In a previous post “Have You Chosen Your Niche“, I identified some critical strategies for clarifying your niche. Now, once you’ve clarified your niche you must identify your ideal client within that niche. Why is this important? Because you still need to develop compelling marketing messages that will hit your target. Think of it like throwing darts at a dart board. In order to hit the bulls-eye, the target must be clearly identified.

Hopefully you went through the exercises I suggested in order to clarify your niche. By doing so you would have come up with a visual of the market you serve. That includes the demographics of that market. But as you can see below, demographics will only tell you part of the story for your ideal client.

In or to connect the dots and get a more complete profile, considering the following. (This will let you know precisely what needs must be addressed in all of your marketing campaigns):

  • Demographic bases (age, family size, life cycle, occupation)

  • Geographic bases (states, regions, countries)

  • Behavior bases (product knowledge, usage, attitudes, responses)

  • Psycho-graphic bases (lifestyle, values, personality)

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering your ideal clients’ psycho-graphics:

  1. What does my ideal client actually look like? What is his/her lifestyle?

  2. What career/ profession are they in? Where are they in their career/ profession?  Do they even have a career/ profession?

  3. How do they spend their free time? What is motivating them to seek the solutions you are providing?

  4. What are my target market’s Hot Buttons? What do they really care about (in their words) in regards to my services? (Be very specific)

  5. What is the core solution I provide for that ONE ideal client?!

Now that you have your completed ideal client profile, get out their and market your services! Good luck! Happy Branding!!

Kelly Green, is YOUR Personal Branding Coach! Empowering small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs such as yourself, to attract more clients by building a masterful brand.  Learn from a 15-year marketing veteran of the entertainment industry the Insider Branding Secrets to propel your Personal Brand to superstar status! Get more visibility, more clients and more money!

Attraction Marketing

What Is Attraction Marketing?


Singer Rihanna & Rap Artist Drake

Does It Work For Coaches & Consultants?

Attraction Marketing is the practice of drawing potential clients to your offers by showing them what your product or service is and how it will benefit them BEFORE they purchase it. The key to effective attraction marketing is to make the information and list of benefits so appealing that the client can easily make the decision to invest in you. Another name for attraction marketing is reverse marketing, but “attraction marketing” really gives a more accurate portrayal of the marketing process that happens.

While many industries practice attraction marketing, for us coaches and consultants, it works really well. For example, if you want to implement the use of attraction marketing in your business right away, a good way to do so would be in how you market your ezine or email newsletter.

One of the biggest challenges for solopreneurs is the consistent effort of building a list. Asking folks to simply subscribe because you have a few smart things to say is so 10 years ago! Your potential clients want to know what you teach, why you teach it, how they will benefit from it, and what results they may see.

Once you tell a prospect who you are and how they will benefit from having a relationship with you — I guarantee your conversion rate will be higher this month. You can see an attraction marketing type of newsletter optin page here ==>Newsletter Example

The real point is this. Think about how hard you have to work if you pursue clients in a direct way such as cold-calling, marketing mailings, etc. Now picture yourself doing 2/3 less of that work because you are organically attracting clients who are dying to work with you to your optin page and they are joining your list! Working with clients who have sought you out is a much different experience than being unnaturally aggressive towards client attraction.

So from this moment on, think about your marketing in terms of the number of “benefits” that your prospective clients will receive when working with you. Put those benefits front and center of your articles, web copy, social media — and when you do — you will emerge the leader in your marketplace!

Should I break that down a little more simpler?

1. Think about your work with clients to yourself.

2. What unique brilliance do you bring in your work with them?

3. Flesh that brilliance out into readable bullet points for blog articles, directory submissions, squeeze pages, and anything else you can think of that will make them drawn to you.

That is attraction marketing in it’s finest form!