How To Launch Kindle Previewer On Mac OSX 10.8 and Above

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A lot can happen in between Mac operating system updates and Kindle Previewer updates. I found this out when I was publishing my latest book to KDP. If you have an updated operating system on your Mac (Yosemite) and are trying to preview your Kindle manuscript/ebook in previewer, then read this…

Issue: When trying to launch Kindle Previewer in Mac OSX 10.8 and above, you get the error message “Kindle Previewer can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.”

Question: So what do you need to do to get Kindle Previewer working?

Solution: Hold down the “Control” key while clicking the “Kindle Previewer” icon in the Dock or in a Finder window. Click “Open” in the menu that appears. A dialog window displays the original error message, with the additional message that clicking “Open” will authorize this program to run on this Mac. Click the “Open” button in the dialog window.

*I use a Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard, instead of Mac’s, so you can just “right click” your mouse if you’re using a mouse like that (instead of holding down the control key) and follow the directions for clicking “open” in the menu etc.


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