Lisa Angelettie Biography

Professional coach, published author and article marketing specialist Lisa Angelettie MSW, “GirlShrink,” is your guide to building credibility, visibility, and traffic on the web!

Lisa founded the #1 “advice & counseling” website ( when she decided to stay home with her first born daughter (Autumn), instead of returning to a private practice setting in New York City. Struggling at first to be seen and heard in her marketplace online, Lisa designed a system to build her buzz factor and her bottom line by harnessing the power of content such as articles, ezines, infoproducts and more.

Her coaching & consulting company, Grow Your Self Inc., is dedicated to growing the businesses of service-based solopreneurs such as coaches, authors, speakers, holistic therapists, etc. She believes that everyone is an expert on something, and loves teaching the techniques she used back in 2003 and now to turn her expertise, (and even things she sort of knows:-) into high-end coaching, infoproducts, and programs that will afford you the sort of lifestyle that your family has been craving and deserves. Even in a tough economy!

Lisa is the author of the book Relationship 911! Seven Steps For Saving Your Relationship and is also a co-author of 101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life, along with “The Secret” teachers John Gray, Jack Canfield, and Bob Proctor; in addition to authoring countless articles, special reports, and infoproducts. She is also the publisher of the Ask GirlShrink syndicated advice column.

Lisa has written for:

• The New York Times

• Gannet News Service

• Publishers Weekly

• Today’s Black Woman




Lisa is the mother of a child on the autism spectrum, and passionately advocates for autism education through autism awareness workshops that she conducts for public school principals in major cities.

She is also is a member of the Information Marketing Association, National Mental Health Online, NASW, and Delta Sigma Theta, a public service organization.

She currently lives and writes in Philadelphia, PA with her husband Deric and their 3 daughters (Autumn, Ali, and Ava) as well as their senior-aged dog Pepperz.

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