How To Add & Sell Your Products (And Services) On Pinterest

Learn How To Easily Monetize Your Pinterest Page With Your Products, Books or Services In Under 60 Seconds…

pinterest for businessPinterest has been steadily climbing in popularity on the web and is now the 3rd largest social media site on the web (right behind Twitter and Facebook). That’s pretty impressive for a new kid on the block.

Now there’s another cool thing you can do on Pinterest, and that’s add your books, products, etc. with a cute little price banner across your image. Here’s how you do it in 60 seconds…

1. Identify The Items That You Want To Promote On Pinterest.

Remember that you should select items that you have good images for because that’s what Pinterest is all about –the visual appeal. You should also probably pick items that are your entry level priced products. For this example, I’m going to show you how I added a mini guide that I sell about How To Write Content That Google Loves on Amazon.

2. Add The Image Of Your Product

Add or Pin your image to Pinterest. When you add your images to Pinterest with this strategy, you are adding them to the “Gifts” category. This category is auto-filled with products by users who specify a certain price for their products in the description area.

sell on pinterest

3. Include The $ or £ Symbol In Your Description

In order to make sure that your product ends up in Pinterest’s Gifts section and that the price banner shows up across your image (like the one on mine above), you just need to make sure that you include a $ or £ symbol in your description. For example, I put $2.99 in the description area for my guide.

Make sure to add your payment links in the description and/or link area, so that buyers know how to purchase your product. Select the board category for your product and save.

And in 60 seconds you have a product up on Pinterest in front of all that daily traffic!

New to Pinterest? Read my tutorial on how entrepreneurs can get started with Pinterest

This article was written based on an article topic idea submitted by one of my weekly ezine readers. I try my best to include any and all input from my readers into my editorial calendar. So if there’s a topic you’d like to learn more about, please feel free to drop me a note over on Facebook (the fastest way I’ll see it).

#1 Tip To Increase Your Optin Email Subscriber List

How To Add More Optin Email Subscribers To Your List Using This One Super Simple Strategy…

grow your optin email subscribers

It’s amazing how we entrepreneurs can fret over a million things when it comes to building our businesses. Did we pick the right name? Will people like what we write? What will we say during our next speaking engagement? How do we find a good virtual assistant. The list is endless. But the major issue that comes up over and over when I talk to entrepreneurs is the one we all know and love — “How can I get more people on my list?”.

I hear you loud and clear! And guess what, I have a super ninja strategy to help you do just that that will change your optin email subscriber statistics overnight. But right now I want to quickly tell you about a few facts that you need to understand when it comes to building your list…

1. You must drive traffic to your site in order to capture names for your list. The more traffic you attract, the higher your optin email subscriber rate will be. This is a numbers game. That’s why companies with lots of traffic have bigger subscriber lists.

2. In order to create this stream of traffic, let’s get real. You have to create content that is interesting, informative, engaging or entertaining that the reader wants. Content that’s worth them “following the trail” back to your site. Do you have ninja tips to share with your readers? Share some!

3. Once you start getting all this traffic, there must be a working optin form somewhere to capture the names of the readers. I like using Aweber to make this all happen, but whatever company you use it’s more important that you have an optin in place and that you’ve tested it to make sure it’s working.

Yet This Is Where A Lot Of Entrepreneurs Drop The Ball!

I bet many of you have an optin box in your site’s sidebar right? Maybe you even have one at the end of your posts. Perhaps you’ve created a cute little landing, squeeze, or entry page like the one I have over at, but statistically I bet that your landing page is not even your highest trafficked page. Have you checked your stats lately? Do you even know?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have your optin email subscriber form on your #1 traffic page?

And if statistically that’s your home page, then what about your #2 page? Or #3? I bet it’s not that landing page you’ve been relying on. It’s another single page on your website, and for many people it’s their ABOUT page.

But I Don’t Want To Jump To Any Conclusions, So We’re Going To Check Your Stats And Make Sure…

1. I use Google Analytics and WordPress Stats to track all of my sites, but regardless of what tool you use to measure your site’s statistics, let’s open them up.

If you have never purposely tracked your statistics, don’t worry, your webhost probably does it for you. So for example, if I go the cpanel section of my account with Hostgator and scroll down, I can see an icon called awstats, which I can click on to see the latest stats for my site.

2. Take a look at the top 5 pages on your site and the clicks they are getting.

3. More than likely your home page is getting the most clicks. That is pretty typical.

4. Take another look to see what pages deeper in your site are “hot”.

5. Is it a single post that gets a lot of attention? Or is it your About or Start Here page?

It’s Ninja Time!

Now that you know what the top 3-5 pages are getting the most traffic on your site, it’s time to strategically place an optin form on those pages. This is what is know as getting “in front” of traffic instead of having to chase it down.

Notice how my About page has several optin email subscriber forms. That’s because based on my stats, I know that it is one of my more frequented pages. There are a few others that I identified as high traffic pages as well, and so I’m going to place an optin email subscriber form on those as well because it is a prime opportunity for me to connect with more people who are interested in what I do and be able to build a relationship with them by adding them to my list.

My Ninja Tip Super Simplified

Okay, so here is everything I just said summarized really simply:

1. Don’t just rely on the optin box on your home page. You can do better!

2. Identify your highest traffic pages using any basic statistic tool available to you.

3. Add optin email subscriber forms to those pages. Don’t be afraid to initiate the relationship:)

I guarantee you, that you will begin to see a rise in your optin email subscriber rate!

Do you have any other ninja tips on adding more subscribers to your list? Please share them with us in the comment section below or on Facebook.

How To Automatically Retweet Your Favorite Twitter Follower’s Tweets In 60 Seconds (or less!)

“Attract New Strategic Alliances & Thank Your Existing Parnters When You Retweet Their Content To Your Community. Best thing is — it’s all on autopilot. Doesn’t look spammy. And you can accomplish it all in 60 seconds or less:)”

It’s really more important than ever to get social media “right”. One of the ways that you can use social media to your advantage, is to use it to build an inner circle of friends a.k.a. circle of influence who support you and your business and vice-versa.

This isn’t the average social media user we’re talking about. This is typically someone who you have identified as having a strong social media presence, someone who loves what you do and wants to genuinely support you on your journey, and someone who you feel the same about.

Once you’ve identified these people (and this is an going activity), there are going to be some folks who always have something good to share on Twitter and you’ll want to “retweet” that type of stuff because you like their content AND it will help strengthen your alliance with them. When they see that you are supporting them, they will more than likely do the same for you.

For those people ONLY, I like to set up the automatic retweet feature. Now don’t worry, you don’t have to retweet everything that they post, because that would be annoying and spammy looking. But with this quick trick I’m going to show you, you can be very specific about what you retweet from each person who choose to do this for. I’ve chosen to shoot a short video tutorial to show you how I set this up.

1. Obviously you will need your own Twitter account
2. You need the Twitter handles of the people you want to retweet
3. The tool that I use to set all this up is TweetAdder.

While I do love free resources like Hootsuite, Tweetadder is a paid but very affordable social media tool that works on both PCs and Macs which I absolutely love. I’ve been using them for at least a year, I’m pretty sure longer though. I haven’t found a free tool that will allow me to do what I’m showing you today, and Tweetadder keeps the software updated regularly and there have been no issues between them and Twitter (like API stuff).

Watch the quick 5 minute tutorial below and set up your retweets in seconds!

Five Steps To Get You Out Of Business Overwhelm

Are You Running Your Business Like a Deer in the Headlights?
Five Steps to Get You Out of the Glare and Into the Driver’s Seat

Overwhelm. No end in sight. What’s next? Not another!

Ring any bells? As entrepreneurs, we’re unfortunately familiar with the feeling that there are a zillion things demanding our attention, even though we only have time for a fraction of them. New opportunities, programs, tools, apps, and just plain interesting ideas bombard us daily; each is a bright shiny object just waiting to pull our attention away from the important work that really deserves our attention.

What to do?

The number of potential distractions will do nothing but rise dramatically over time, so it’s up to you to figure how to stay aware of potential new business-building tools without SQUIRREL!!!!  falling prey to every new thing that comes along. Here are tools that can help you in this sometimes aggravating, always important endeavor.

1. Develop clear decision-making criteria.  It’s easy to jump on the latest bandwagon—and there are a LOT of tempting wagons out there. You can’t afford to dabble in all of them; you need to choose those that will best serve your objectives and then dive deep into those key activities.

What criteria do you use to decide whether or not to take on a new activity or project?  While your business is unique, any of the following will give you a good starting point for creating your own decison-making touchstone:

– Will this directly contribute to my earning more money?
– Can I expect a fairly quick positive ROI from this?
– Does my research indicate that this activity makes sense for me?
– Is this task truly important, or is it just urgent? In other words, does doing it (or failing to do it) have significant long-term consequences for my business, or am I just feeling big time pressure to get it done? Sometimes a task will be both important and urgent, but all too often, important tasks don’t come with deadlines; that’s why they’re so easy to postpone.
– Can I clearly identify how this particular activity will move me toward my stated business objectives?

2.    Chunk it down. One of the easiest ways to feel overwhelmed is to look at a big task in all its enormous scariness. Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to get out of overwhelm is to chunk it down, or break the task into very small action steps, each of which feels much more do-able. This is one of the things I do for my clients that generates the biggest sighs of relief.

As an example, putting “revamp my website” on your To Do list is a sure way of making you want to hide in a corner. You’re much more likely to succeed in this goal if you create small action steps, such as: Review current side for good copy; do keyword research for new site; interview web designers; upgrade website platform if necessary. Notice that any one of these small steps can be further broken down. The goal is to give yourself such a clearly defined, manageable task that you know exactly what needs doing and are  confident about moving forward on it.

3.    Be productive in 15-minute increments. I can’t overemphasize how valuable I’ve found this one technique. I’ve found that, no matter how uncomfortable or tedious a task, I can handle it for just 15 minutes. (I recommend setting a timer for yourself. I happen to use a virtual one I found at, but a kitchen timer works great, too.) The excellent news is that, once the timer goes off, I’ve got two equally good options: (1) celebrate having made progress on the task, or (2) continue working on it if I feel like I’m in the groove.

In a related vein, you might create a list of activities you can do “when I’ve only got a few minutes free.” If you’ve finished one project and don’t want to start another because you need to leave for a client meeting, or if your client shows up to the restaurant late, or you get stuck waiting in line, you can chip away at this To Do list. You’ll be  especially productive if you use these little chunks of time for activities that can normally turn into long, dark rabbit holes (reading e-mails or working on Facebook both spring to mind).

4.    Commit to being a groupie. Not that kind! Commit to organizing your day so that you group like activities together. There’s almost nothing that will fracture your focus and destroy your productivity more than flitting from task to another.  Rather than interrupt your work on a client proposal to answer the seductive ping of an incoming e-mail, then leave that to add something to your next blog post, group these activities. Maybe you can designate a certain time of day (using our friend Mr. Timer, perhaps) to writing, which could include proposals, blog posts, content for teleseminars, and so forth. Another chunk of the day could be devoted to creating your subject-matter-expert presence online. What makes sense for you? (See #1.)

5.    Regularly reassess your activities and their priorities. Your business is not static, and neither are the demands on your time. I recommend to my clients that they set aside an entire day every month to get out of their usual environment and spend some time in reflection and evaluation of what they’re doing to grow their business.

I’m guessing nearly everyone has heard of the classic approach of identifying A-, B-, and C-level priorities; it feels kind of time-worn. The fact is, though, that it’s a classic for a reason. When you’re faced with a mile-long To Do list, are you able to confidently say that the only things on it are your A-level priorities? If not, it’s time for a do-over.

One of the easiest ways I move my clients out of overwhelm is to gather all their great ideas in one place. (This eliminates the temptation to jump on a bright shiny object now “so I don’t forget it.”  Once the ideas have been corralled, it’s easier to do a side-by-side comparison of proposed activities so that you can assess which truly are worth your time and energy. Those that are mission critical get on the A list; those that are merely important go on the B list; the nice ideas get relegated to the C list; then the tempting B and C lists get put away. Then the A list gets re-evaluated so that the client is crystal clear on what THE most important activity is for him/her to do today.

If it’s time to get yourself out of the headlights of overwhelm, apply one or more of these tools to your day and enjoy the experience of feeling in control.

Kathleen Watson is an implementation specialist who shows her clients how to move from big ideas to big actions to big results. You can get a free copy of her 15-page workbook, the Take Action Now System™, by going to

How Entrepreneurs Can Quickly Beat Writers Block

Do You Have Writers Block?

If you are an entrepreneur who shies away from writing articles because you struggle with writer’s block, do not waste your time trying to beat it by using traditional “writers block” books and courses out there. Those are typically written by fiction authors who are trying to help other fiction writers — and that’s a whole different animal!

Fiction authors typically write from a purely internal creative place. Entrepreneurs like us, need to also write from an external influence — and that’s solving the problems of our clients. When you write content that meets the needs of your clients, you will never run out of article ideas, that is article marketing 101. So when I work with new clients who tell me that they hate writing because it takes them hours to get just one article written — I know what the problem is immediately…

1. They have not identified their client’s problems and struggles.

2. They do not know how to talk to their ideal clients in a way that they will understand.

3. They have not clarified their marketing message.

And Really What All This Means Is That They Are Not Clear About Who Their Ideal Client Is. Are You?

The real struggle and the real block comes up when you start moving forward in marketing a business but aren’t 100% sure who you are talking to because you are wishing and hoping that everyone will see the value of what you do. You want anyone who will pay, and this is marketing from a place of “lack” and “desperation”. This is why you are blocked and this is how you can beat it…

Regardless Of How Sure You Think You Are,  Re-evaluate Who Your Ideal Clients Are And What Transformation You Provide For Them

Okay, I already see your eyes rolling up in your head:) But I want you to really consider what I’m asking you to do today. If you were really spot on about who you clients are, would you be struggling around idea generation?

So I today I want to get VERY specific. More than you ever have before. Ask yourself what they look like, how much money they make, what they do for a living, are they married or single, do they have children, what is their education level, where to they hang out, what social media to they use, what other sites to they visit,  and any other details you can think of.

Don’t waffle or waiver on this. If this is who your ideal clients is than that’s who they are and that’s who you should target. You cannot speak to EVERYONE. It is not effective nor authentic marketing by any stretch.

Now that you know who they are, it will be much easier for you to craft a marketing message that speaks to your ideal clients. If you are still blocked and can’t come up with 10-25 article ideas, my recommendation is to go back to the drawing board and do another exercise around getting clear about who your ideal clients are.


7 Updates For Your Virtual Assistant To Handle

I was in the middle of delegating these 7 tasks to my wonderful virtual assistant (Pam) so I thought I’d jot them down for you to delegate as well:

1. Change your blog footer copyright to 2012.

2. Change your newsletter copyright to 2012.

3. Update any terms of use, disclaimers, etc. that may contain a 2011 date.

4. Check Google’s webmaster tools to see if your sites have any dead links a.k.a. 404 errors (your sites have to be set up in webmaster tools first)

5. Check stats to see what social media site is bringing you the most traffic and spend a little more energy over there.

6. Get organized! Work with your VA to schedule your calendar for the year (product launches, program launches, product and program marketing, vacations, kids days off of school, etc.)

7. Freshen Up! Add those buttons, banners and other items to your home page you’ve been wanting to forever but haven’t. Relinquish control and allow your VA to do the heavy lifting:)


How We Shared Content In 2011

How We Shared Content In 2011. What Traffic You May Have Missed Out On. How You Can Do Better In 2012…

The website social media sharing widget AddThis recently published statistics on how people shared their content in 2011 and while some of the stats were predictable, a few others were surprising. I thought this would be good information for us all to know when moving forward in 2012 in how we share our content for maximum exposure.

Just to give you a little background information, AddThis is installed on over 11 million websites and reaches over 1.2 billion users. So these statistics give a pretty good view of the kind of sharing being done on the web today.

1. Facebook makes up 52.1% of  sharing on the web, which is up from last year’s 44%. This statistic is not really surprising as we all are well aware of how much of a powerhouse Facebook is – but if you were on the fence about joining because you are afraid of the technology or learning curve it’s time to get over it! Sign up for your account and create your own FB page this year and ensure that your content is part of the 52% being shared across the web in 2012. I will be publishing instructional videos around the topic of Facebook for business this year, so look out for those. Find me on Facebook at:

2. Twitter makes up about 13.5% of sharing on the web and has grown 576.9% since last year. While not a huge percentage of content sharing, the increase is significant enough for all entrepreneurs to establish a Twitter account and get tweeting this year. Find me on Twitter at @LisaAngelettie

3. StumbleUpon increased its sharing power by 320% this year. StumbleUpon has steadily increased it’s sharing power over the years and this year they even redesigned the site. It’s doubled it’s users over the last 16 months to about 20 million users, so it’s an important sharing tool when considering where you want to be found on social media this year. Find me on StumbleUpon.

4. Tumblr sharing is growing by 1299.5% and is accelerating. In fact, in June surpassed WordPress as the most popular blogging platform hosting 20.8 million sites! Who knew right? So this is a very important content sharing platform every entrepreneur needs to be taking advantage of in 2012. The numbers speak for themselves. Find me on Tumblr.

5. What isn’t working: Newcomer Google+ grew tremendously this year but has plateaued, Digg declined by a whopping 47.7%, MySpace continues to decline by 56.9% (are people still on there?), and sharing via emailing and printing are down to 14% (which honestly is still how I like to share).

I hope these statistics give you an outlook on what content sharing platforms are working, where you need to be, and where you need to share your content this year. Are you using these content sharing tools right now? I’ll admit that I have neglected StumbleUpon because I hated the interface, but the new design is very user friendly so I will give it more attention this year. I’ve also fully automated my sharing on Tumblr but may take a more active approach towards my sharing over there in order to fully engage the community. Let me know your thoughts…


Source: Atomic Reach, AddThis

Are You Afraid Of Change In Your Business?

Are You Afraid Of Making A Change?

afraid of changeAre You Willing To Make Changes In Your Business To Reach Six Figures?

In 2003, Bobby and Renatta worked with me in my psychotherapy practice for over 16 months to try and save their relationship. They both wanted to get married, but Renatta wouldn’t say yes until Bobby secured stable employment. Bobby had a dream of being an actor and wanted to continue to pursue it until he got work or until he accepted that it wasn’t in the cards for him. They were miserable, and they were both getting on each others nerves, but no one wanted to make a move towards change. They were afraid to do something, because they didn’t want to lose each other and they also didn’t want to lose themselves. So they stayed right where they were for the entire 16 months and are probably in that same space today. It was awful. It was unfulfilling — but it was all they knew and it was safe.

I saw this type of couple over and over in my work as a psychotherapist. I worked with many couples who sought advice for marital problems but were unwilling or unable to do what was required to make progress — and that was to make some sort of a change.

If you think about it, it seems to make perfect sense. If you’ve doing something for a year, for 5 years, for 10 and your situation isn’t improving — then what you’re doing isn’t working. You’ve got to do something else. That same principle holds true for anything in life — including your business.

If you have been trying to attract new clients and make more money over the last 6 months, a year, 2 years or more and you haven’t filled your practice yet then it’s obviously time to try something else. So why do so many entrepreneurs have trouble with this–with change?

Because business owners and perhaps you as well — are afraid. Afraid to make a change. Afraid to accept change. Afraid to embrace change. What you are doing and what you have always done is familiar to you. It’s safe. There is some comfort in knowing what to expect. I have seen many entrepreneurs throw their hands up and give up because they felt that it just wasn’t in the cards for them to succeed.

But I think that’s absolute rubbish.

I think that if you’ve felt a strong pull towards entrepreneurship and your niche — especially if you have a unique gift or in demand skillset — then you are absolutely suppose to and will succeed if you ask for guidance, accept direction, and implement! In order to do all of that though you have to be willing to make tweaks, adjustments and changes. Are you willing to do that this year?

If change makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself:

How long have I been stuck in the same place?

What do I think will happen if I try something different?

Do I believe that bigger things are meant for met?

Can I truly reach my income potential if I do exactly what it is I am doing today?

Your content marketing assignment this week:

Is to take a long look at your business. Your marketing message. Your website content. Blog posts. Articles. Videos. Audio. Branding. Your work ethic. Commitment level. And ask yourself, is there a place in my business where I’ve remained stagnant? Is there an area where I need to be open to change? It there an area where I need to actively seek and implement change? And then go out there and make it happen! The only way you will RISE to the income level that truly rewards you for your talents is to know when to welcome and embrace change.