Where Do I Start With Marketing My Business?

Q: Where Do I Start With Marketing My Business

Dear Lisa,
There is so much information out there on starting a business that I don’t know where to begin. I know you write all about content but don’t I need to start somewhere further back before I start writing? I mean where to I start when it comes to marketing my business?
Pricilla Reyes
Orlando, Florida

Dear Pricilla,
The very first thing you should be crystal clear about is what you are in the business of doing. What do you do? Who do you serve? What transformation do you provide them? After that — it’s all about content. Content is the lifeblood of the web. It loves to get more and it loves to give us more. So once you’ve decided on what you are in business for and who you serve, it’s now time to create marketable content. Uh – right away!
Thanks For Writing!

Ezine Articles New Guidelines

Ezine Articles Revamps Writing Guidelines

One of the article directories that I always promote here on my site is EzineArticles and that is primarily for the fact that is truly the most human reviewed directory out there — which I love because there is a level of quality on the site that is not found anywhere else — BUT that also leads toezine article guidelines problems for many new article marketers — Their articles get kicked back.

If you’ve ever had an article or are worried about article submission to EzineArticles, then I think you’ll be glad to know that they’ve revised their old writer’s  guidelines. They haven’t changed much, BUT they have rewritten them to further explain what you should and should not include in  your articles to ensure that they are approved in a speedy manner.

Here’s the new Editorial Guidelines breakdown:

Content Qualifications – As an introduction to the Editorial Guidelines, the Content Qualifications sections discusses how to keep your articles unique and informative, which in turn builds your credibility and a loyal audience.

Article Content – This section provides all the do’s and don’ts while writing the content of your articles.

Author Name – Your author name is an essential extension of your brand. These guidelines will help you in branding as well as choosing pen names and managing ghostwriters.

Format – Providing do’s and don’ts of article titles, optimizing your article body, how to use keywords naturally, tips for your resource box, as well as link strategies, the Format guidelines ensure you don’t let one bit of your article go to waste.


November Article Ideas

November Article Ideas

November Article IdeasNovember is not just about Thanksgiving you U.S. writers! There is a lot more going on.

So if you want capitalize on all that November traffic (everyone is online getting ready to shop for the holidays), then here are a few great ideas for you to get started with:


All Month You Can Write About:

Aviation Month
Child Safety and Protection Month
Good Nutrition Month
International Drum Month
Latin American Month
National Adoption Month
National Epilepsy Month
National Model Railroad Month
Peanut Butter Lover’s Month

On A Few Special Days You Can Write About:

November 1st

All Saint’s Day
National Author’s Day
National Family Literacy Day

November 2nd

Cookie Monster’s Birthday
Daniel Boone’s Birthday
National Deviled Egg Day

November 3rd

Sandwich Day

November 4th

National Candy Day

November 5th

National Donut Day

November 6th

Basketball Day

Daylight Savings Time Ends (First Sunday In November)

November 7th

Magazine Day

November 8th

USA Election Day

November 9th

Parade Day

November 11th

Veteran’s Day

November 13th

Mom’s and Dad’s Day

November 14th

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

November 15th

America Recycles Day

November 16th

Button Day

November 17th

Take A Hike Day

November 22

Stop The Violence Day

November 23

National Cashew Day (my favorite nut:)

November 24

Thanksgiving Day in US

November 26

National Cake Day

November 30

Stay At Home Because You’re Well Day (sounds good to me!)

Article Spinning Software Finally Evolves!

Article Spinning Software Finally Evolves!

As someone that teaches entrepreneurs how to write and publish their own compelling content, I have to make it mybest spinner business to try every service and software product on the market, and during my quest I have never found a great article spinning software.

At the end of the day, they ALL produced articles that sounded unnatural, and that ruined my marketing message and my professional image. OR the rewriting process literally took me over an hour to complete and in the same time I could have rewritten the article myself. I never want unintelligible junk on the web with my name attached and I don’t want my virtual assistant or myself to spend hours out of our day trying to spin and submit one stinking article. Not smart.

So imagine my surprise when a nice guy named Aaron pleasantly contacted me from Spin Rewriter to let me know about his new article spinning software. Okay, so in the back of my mind, I totally believed that this software would just be another one of those programs or services that I would never use — but I was wrong.

There is a detailed list of benefits that makes this software phenomenal which I will list in a minute, but the bottom line if you are a bottom line type of person is that this software does what ALL the others can’t.

1. It will take your article and create many unique versions that are grammatically correct and still sound like you wrote them.

2. You will have dozens or even hundreds of articles for submission to directories, blog networks, 3rd party sites, etc. that you can comfortably submit knowing that they won’t get kicked back for duplicate content issues or grammatical & sentence structure problems.

3. You can do all of this literally with ONE click. I spun one of my articles into hundreds of highly unique (89%) articles in less than five minutes. Seriously

Why You Should Use Spin Rewriter Article Spinner(according to them):

article spinning software

Great benefits right? But again if I’m going to bottom line it here, being able to create hundreds of unique pages across the web will:

1. Create more backlinks to your site

2. Makes your site more important to search engine eyes

3. Then Google will rank your site higher in the search engine results

4. Which means you get more traffic

5. Which means you’ll build a bigger list and generate more income

Is that motivation enough? It was for me:) FINALLY — I’m all in!
Here’s the link: ==> Spin Rewriter

How To Write Articles That Attract Clients (Even If You Stink As A Writer!)

How To Write Articles That Attract Clients (Even If You Stink As A Writer!)

attract clients with articlesImagine attracting all the clients that you need by simply writing articles! Sweet huh? Writing articles has assisted me in growing my business in tremendous ways and one of those ways is by helping me to attract clients, especially ones that I enjoy working with and this is why…

When I write an article, I make sure that I accomplish two things. One is that I am either answering a pressing question or explaining a concept for my ideal client and the other is that I am writing in or  using my own unique voice and perspective to do so.

Including both of these elements in the articles I write have been crucial to my success as an entrepreneur.

So how do you do this if writing is not something you think that you do well?
It’s pretty simple actually. Here are my tips for writing articles that your ideal potential clients will devour while using your own authentic, brilliant voice to do so.

1. Get Over Yourself
First you have to get over that term paper you tried to write a million  years ago. Just because you didn’t do so great on papers or maybe you don’t like writing letters – has nothing to do with writing articles for your business. Let all of that baggage go and put it behind you. Who you are today is an entrepreneur looking to help and/or empower others – and that begins by getting your message out there in a big way.

2. Answer A Question
Most of your clients have questions that they don’t have the answers to which is why they are turning to you. How do I get over a broken heart? How to I close the sale? How do I find my next speaking engagement? These are the types of questions that BEG for an article to be written to answer them. The key is to make sure that you are answering a “pressing” question or concern of your potential clients.

The great thing about answering a question in an article is that you don’t have to wonder what you’re going to write about – you already know the answers AND it doesn’t have to be perfect. People just want quick help, they don’t necessarily need you do deliver it as if it’s a dissertation. Don’t worry about how “smart” you sound. That’s not important. What’s important is that you actually know what you’re talking about and give a good, solid answer in your article.

Quickie Template

  • Introductory paragraph about the question you are answering.
  • Write out the question. (The best questions are ones from asked you by present clients.)
  • Write 2-3 paragraphs answering the question.
  • End the article with an outro paragraph summarizing the Q&A.

3. Write In An Authentic Voice
A lot of my friends and family have told me that I have very strong opinions and tend to think emotional things through in an analytical way. I’m not the funniest gal, but that’s okay, that’s me. That’s how I talk on the phone with girlfriends. That’s how I talk to my children. And that is how I write my articles.

This is also called my “writer’s voice” and you have one too. The key is for you to always use it, because when you do you will naturally attract clients to you that already like your style. Another great thing is that your writer’s voice is totally unique to you and it will establish your individuality in the marketplace.

When you let go of the misconception that you can’t write, and then begin to write articles that include these two essential elements, you will begin a continuous flow of your ideal clients to your site and your offers. What a great way to make a living:)

3 Reasons Why I Write

3 Reasons Why I Write

Why Do You Do What You Do?

If you’ve ever had a career change or career evolution, I’m sure you’ve experienced the pangs of self-doubt. It’s common practice to question yourself after you’ve made a BIG move. This happened to me when I decided to step back from traditional psychotherapy and focus on entrepreneurial writing.

Many of my peers or family members who liked saying that I was a psychotherapist wanted answers. They wanted to know why I rather write then do therapy. So here it goes — these are the reasons…

It’s What I Like To Do (Even When No One Is Paying Me)

I have always been a writer. I kept quite detailed journals since about 7 years old. I earned a degree in journalism and worked in that field for several years before going back to school to get my masters. I have always enjoyed writing and sometimes writing is the only way I can accurately express myself. I fall back and lean on writing all the time.

And more importantly, although I am paid well to help others write effectively, I write even when there’s no one paying. Even when there’s no one looking. And that’s really the whole “Oprah” idea I’m trying to get across.

Hopefully your business is something that you would do for free. For nada. Which means ultimately that when you do make money, it will be even sweeter.

Writing On The Web Packs A Powerful Punch

Digital writing a.k.a. ePublishing packs a powerful punch for entrepreneurs. Personally, I think that writing on the web is one of the most strategic ways to build credibility, generate traffic, and make passive income. There aren’t many marketing strategies that you can do and gain that type of traction from them – for little to zero cost at that!

Every entrepreneur and every service professional should have some sort of web presence that is primarily “content based”: articles, blog, ebooks, short reports, e-courses, teleseminars, etc. If you are not establishing yourself, your brand, and your marketing message on the web with content, then you better already be a celebrity, because no one is going to notice among the thousands of other competitors in your niche.

People Kept Asking Me For My Help

Sometimes you just have to look at not necessarily what you think you should be doing, but what people are asking from you. People have continuously asked me for help with writing and tech work — and they probably do because I have put out in the world that I am always willing to help.

I soon realized that I’m always willing to help (back to reason 1) because it’s not really work for me. It’s interesting and fun. And while I am “good” at a lot of different things like every other person, there is a way that I am able to explain a tech issue or pull a good story for an ebook out of some one that is unique to me, and that which many people are drawn too. So why fight the power?

So my advice to those who haven’t quite figured out their life’s work: pay attention to what advice people in your circle ask you for. What do they want from you? What do they refer you to others for? If there is a way you can make money at it — then I suggest you go for it! I did and haven’t looked back since.

Have you found your entrepreneurial passion yet? If so, what are the reasons why you do it? Do you have any other inspirational or common sense tips to pass onto others? Share them here. You could inspire someone today:)

Why The Term Expert Is Overrated!

Why The Term Expert Is Overrated!

I’ve worked with many clients who are at the beginning of their online marketing and ePublishing and I run into the same roadblock with them every time we start working together. People continually get stuck moving forward in their businesses because they don’t believe that they know what they are talking about – they don’t buy into the fact that they are an “expert” in their niche.

Okay, first of all let me say this. The term expert is defined as a person who has a special skill or knowledge in some particular field; a specialist; or an authority. Most people who have a business online and write about that business, have a specialized knowledge of something. I have been writing for a living for over 20 years – that makes me an authority and an expert in my niche. Think about what makes you an expert.

1. Do you have real life experience doing what you write about and what you teach?

2. Have you gone to school or had any specialized training for what you do?

3. Have people referenced you, your work, or your business?

4. Do your friends and family know how to do what you do?

5. Do you do what you do at a higher level than the average person?

6. Have you done extensive research on your topic?

7. Have you taught someone to do what it is you do?

8. Have previous clients/customers referred you to others?

Answering YES to any of these qualifies you as an expert in your niche. Believe me when I say that it’s very easy to become immersed in your field and perhaps create professional relationships with others — and then start to think that everyone knows and understands what it is you do. It’s easy to get caught up believing that, but it is far from the truth.

In fact very few people probably totally understand what it is you do or at least how to get the results that you get in your business. What you write about, the products you create, the programs and workshops that you build, should always be developed from A to Z. People actually know less than you think.

So if worrying about “what you are going to say” in your articles, your products, or as a speaker has you paralyzed — relax. Even if you are not the “go to” expert yet in your field, you are most definitely an expert and people have a lot to learn from you. The term “expert” is completely overrated. It doesn’t mean that you need a Ph.D. It just means that you need to know a little bit more than the average person.

Have you ever been stuck in your business because you didn’t think you were an expert?

What’s Your Writing Inspiration?

writing in snowstorm Writing Inspiration

I took this picture of my yard out of my kitchen window today, so it’s not that great, but a good snowstorm puts me in a creative mood for some reason.

I have always loved the look of fresh snow especially when I don’t have to go right out into it because the kids have a snow day. I can just hunker down, sip on some hot tea or Pepsi :), and write a few articles or bank out another chapter in one of my books or infoproducts.

Sometimes I am not so “self aware”, so when it hit me that I love to write when it snows, it got me thinking about other sources of writing inspiration as well as a few writing rituals.

1. I love to write when singing.

2. I write better at night.

3. I sometimes write best when writing first in freehand then editing it at the computer.

4. I prefer to write on a desktop vs a laptop.

5. I like to write on summer days with the hum of a window unit air conditioner.

6. I like to write after a shower.

7. I must have something to drink when I’m writing. Either ice water or Pepsi. Occasionally tea if my office is too cold.

8. I like to write when a dog is laying by my feet.

9. I often write more, believe it or not, when I’m tired.

Think about the last time you really got into a groove writing? What was your backdrop? Where were you? Were you listening to music? Did something make you happy that day? Or sad? What are some of the things or circumstances that inspire you to write your best and produce the most?

I’d love for you to share them in the comments section below…