When You Hate Your Own Writing

What To Do When You Hate Your Own Writing

1. Stop Judging Yourself.
How do you know your writing is bad? Isn’t much of that relative to who is reading what you wrote? Some will hate it but some will love it. You never know who your writing is going to resonate with – so judging your writing too harshly would be a self-destructive mistake.

2. Practice Writing Anything.
I know you may be in business selling insurance, but if you want to write about how your mother-in-law is driving you crazy – then write it. Just get into the practice of putting your thoughts down on paper. Start writing more crazy family stories and you might find your business writing voice as well. It’s in there you just have to exercise the muscles!

3. Find A Writing Buddy.
I have a writing pal who sends me over her work and vice-versa and we give each other quick and we offer each other suggestions about what may be missing from an article, or just praise when one of us has written something really good. A writing pal will give you added support and encouragement when you desperately need it. It’s kind of like having an exercise buddy. Who wants to go to the gym alone.

4. Try Not To Outsource.
You may be really tempted to outsource your article writing when you hate everything you’ve written, but I’m asking you not to do that at this point. You will never fall in “like” with what you write if you become dependent on another person’s voice.

5. Accept The Average.
Listen, not everyone is going to write a masterpiece. It’s just not in everyone’s DNA to write really engaging articles. And that’s fine. Your an average writer, and that’s okay.

While there are many marketers out there who will scare you into believing that you must have wonderfully distinctive content, blah blah blah, the truth is – is that you just need to be able to hold potential clients/customers attention for a few seconds. Enough for them to click on your call to action link. And you can do that without all the bells and whistles. All you have to do is to make sure that you answer a question, provide a resource, or meet a need.  That’s how most people make money. Not by being the most “clever” writer.

Article Marketing For Beginners

Are you an article marketing beginner? No worries because…
If you received mediocre grades on your papers in school, you can do article marketing. If you have never considered yourself a “writer”, you can do article marketing. If you write a list of things to buy from Walmart or Target, you can do article marketing. If you know how to retell a recipe or how to fix something, you can do article marketing. If you have very limited experience on the web, you can still do article marketing.

Guess what? All the internet marketing pros online who are truly making money at this write articles. They may try to sell you some other fabulous NEW marketing product, software, service, etc., but trust me when I tell you that article marketing is part of their overall marketing strategy for their online business. I know multi-millionaires online who STILL write their own articles. They do not outsource. That’s how important it is to your business. It works. It has always worked, and it will continue to work. Content rules the dancehall!

That’s why I created a article marketing training course specifically and especially for beginners that will teach you ALL the pillars of article marketing but in bite-sized lessons. Ones that you can digest and actually implement on a weekly basis. It’s called Articology and membership has been sure and steady over the past year.

I teach this course in 7 modules over the year, but you will be writing and publishing your first article within the first few lessons. So don’t worry, you don’t have to wait a whole year to get going!  Here is what you’ll learn:

MODULE 1 – The Nuts And Bolts Of Article Marketing

In the very first few lessons you will learn what you need to do in order to get writing and published now.

MODULE 2 – Master Your Writing

You will fine tune your articles, bio box, titles, and learn how to write articles that get you Google love – every time.

MODULE 3 – Publishing Your Articles

You will learn every credible, & valuable place on the web where you SHOULD publish your articles and get results.

MODULE 4 – Article Promotion

Now that you’ve written articles, you need people to read them. Learn how to attract & get in front of new readers.

MODULE 5 – Article Shortcuts

Could also be renamed, Article Secrets! These are the strategies that the pros use to produce more in less time.

MODULE 6 – Article Maintenance

It’s not sexy, but it’s gotta be done! Stop article theft. Avoid top article marketing blunders. Track your articles.

MODULE 7 – Article Profits

The big finish! Learn how to repurpose your articles into profit generating streams of income. Over 11 of them!

Remember that this is the most time-tested, proven, and smart way to boost traffic and build your list – hands down. You won’t get banned for slick marketing tricks and you won’t spend hundreds of your hard earned dollars investing in “how to do it”.  So here’s what I want you to do…

1. Learn more about Articology and see if it’s the kind of training you’ve been looking for since you started online.

2. Read a few of my articles written exclusively for beginners. Leave comments on them if any help shed some light on a question you may have about writing on the web.

August Article Ideas

For some reason I think of August as a “lazy” month because it’s so hot (where I live) and because most therapists vacation in August. Better not have a mental health crisis in August! All the good therapists are on a cruise. So in the spirit of keeping you writing, and not just sitting by the pool this month, here’s a list of August article ideas you can use to generate content for your site(s), the directories, etc. Write about these month long observances.

American Artist Appreciation Month
Don’t the artists from other countries get all the glory? Here’s a great chance to write about HOT or new American artists. You can request an interview (which most artists will gladly give you to gain the exposure). You could write about art-related topics and tie them into your business. Example: the use of color in a piece or the absence of art progams in American schools. Use American artists work as examples in your pieces. (Show pictures but make sure to give proper credit to artist and owner of picture.) Affiliate article marketers can promote artist pics and replicas via affiliate programs such as art.com

Foot Health Month
Our feet are way more important then we give them credit for. They get us from point A to point B everyday, in uncomfortable shoes, with zero complaints:) It’s only fitting we give them a little love in August. You can write plenty of articles on foot health, foot massage, pedicures, trends in pedicures, reflexology, foot disorders, podiatry, better foot care, shoes, exercise and feet, sizing your shoes properly, and of course the list can go on and on. Just use a little imagination! Affiliate article marketers can promote foot care products, shoes, exercise programs that are low-impact on the feet, etc.

Home Business Month
Here’s a fantastic topic to write about, because most of us know first-hand what it is to start and run a home business. We’ve all seen the general articles on starting a home biz, so now is the chance to dig a littler deeper for those long-tail keyword phrases and write about sub niches within this market. You could go local: Example: Philadelphia Home Business Affiliate article marketers can promote a lot of great home business start-up programs, ebooks, products on Clickbank, books on Amazon, and any types of products which support a home business.

National Catfish Month
Recipes! Recipes! Recipes! Okay so what else? Where do catfish come from? Where are they caught? Farm raised vs. Wild caught. How to eliminate catfish odor when cooking. Affiliate article marketers can promote recipe books, fishing products like reels, bait, (this is a big hobby!), and how to be better fisherman books, etc.

National Golf Month
Are you kidding me? With Tiger Woods in the media all the time there is plenty of news related items you can write and comment on. You can of course talk about improving one’s golf game. Children and golf – building character. Best golf excursions. Better golfing tips. Golf and business networking. Affiliate article marketers can promote anything golf related from products like clubs, balls, gear to books and ebooks on building a better golf game.

National Inventors Month
Here’s a great topic. You could do a ton of interview articles on new inventors. Write articles on old patents expiring. Feature articles on best inventions in your niche. Example: Home business owners could do a feature on the history of computer inventions. It truly revolutionized how we do business. Affiliate article marketers can find new products to promote in this niche. Technically they are new inventions. Like the ones you see on “As seen on TV”. They have an affiliate program you could join to promote all the products you see on television.

National Water Quality Month
Is the water in your area okay to drink, shower in, cook with? Hey, I don’t know but maybe you could find out and write a bunch of localized articles on area water quality. Affiliate article marketers could absolutely promote water testing kits.

Article Marketing Terms

Not so long ago, I noticed that I use a lot of article marketing terms in my articles, and while I do attract intermediate and advance article marketing clients, I get a tremendous amount of article marketing beginners as well. So I thought it would be a good idea to get everyone on the same page, and make sure you know what I’m referring to when I use these terms.

Article Marketing
The online marketing strategy for using articles to promote a product, service, or website.

Article Marketing Directory
Websites where you can submit articles for more exposure, traffic, syndication, republishing, etc.

Search Engines
These are sites that people use to search for internet for information. Examples include: Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Search Engine Optimizaton (SEO)
This is a technique used for making your content, in this instance our articles, more favorable and appealing to the search engines. This is what will help improve your ranking the search engines.

Search Engine Ranking
This is the position or spot your website or individual articles holds when someone searches for your keyword terms. For example, at the time of this writing when you search for the keywords “article marketing strategies” in Google, my site ranks #1.

Search Terms
These are the words that person types into a search box to find information. This is important to marketers like us, because we want to optimize our articles for the search terms that people typically use to find our content.

A connection from one web page to another. This connection is made by using a url address. For example, http://Articology.com is a link to my article marketing course for beginners. That url address will connect you from this page to that page. Links are important to us because when you write and publish articles, each article you create will have it’s own individual link. A connection created for the reader to find your content.

A url is a web address that you will see or type in the top of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) to go to a website. The letters stand for Uniform Resource Locator. When you publish an article, it will have a unique url, such as this one: http://lisaangelettieblog.com/top-21-wordpress-plugins-for-article-marketing/

This is an outside or incoming link that is made from an external website to your content. Backlinks are important because search engines like Google base your site’s importance on the number of backlinks to your content. Also, when you publish an article to an article directory or 3rd party blog or website, and you have a link to your site in the resource box,  you are creating a backlink to your site from that directory or website.

Keywords help identify what a website (or articles) is about to the search engines. What keywords you choose are quite important because they help Google and the other search engines determine where to place your content in the search engine rankings. For example, if your article is about Christmas Trees, then you should optimize your article (in the title and the body) for the keyword term Christmas Trees.

Long Tail Keywords
These are keyword terms that are typically 4 or more words. These keywords are usually easier to rank for in the search engines because there is less competition for them.

This is the number of visitors to your article or website.

Qualified Traffic
This is the term I typically use in my articles to describe traffic that is looking specifically for your content. This is the best kind of traffic because they are visitors that are already interested in your topic, in other words “warm prospects”.

Articology article marketing course

What Is Article Marketing?

What Is Article MarketingToday’s frequently asked article marketing question: What Is Article Marketing?

Q: Hi Lisa. I have a small hair care retail business which I run from home. I have had a beautiful website built for me but have no idea how to tell people that it is there. I mean other than existing clients. My husband is a half decent writer, so a friend told me that perhaps writing articles would be the way to go for us. But can you please explain to me and my husband – what is article marketing? How do we get started and is it the right marketing strategy for our business? Will it cost me anything?

A: What a powerful question! One that I sometimes take for granted when I get online everyday. So here it is. Good article marketing is the strategic and purposeful action of writing information-based articles which include a resource or bio box at the end which promotes something or someone. Typically these articles are made available for publication, distribution, and syndication which leads to a steady stream of traffic and new prospects to your site. It is a zero cost strategy.

All you would need to do to get started is to consider the needs of the consumers of your products. What problems do they need solving? What is their biggest issue with their hair? What kinds of tips would your customers like to learn. If you don’t know for sure – just ask them. Since you have a current client list, it will be easy to simply start by asking them. Then write articles that answer these questions.

This strategy will work for ANY business. That’s because if you have a website or blog online, then you must have content on it for it to ultimately succeed. So since you are writing articles and blog posts anyway, you might as well tweak those articles and submit them to article directories, ezines, and other people’s websites.

*Just as a side note, article marketing will actually work great in your niche. Hair care is a highly searched for topic online.

So what is article marketing? It’s the #1 time-tested and proven marketing technique that costs you nothing but yields real results – traffic. It is an essential part of any good overall online marketing strategy and I look forward to seeing your results.

If you are also new and really want to learn what is article marketing, get simple writing & publishing how-to steps with this article marketing training course for beginners.

May Article Ideas: Holidays & More

Need a few article ideas this month? Well Mother’s Day is not the only holiday there is to write about in May, believe it or not. In fact, there are a ton of other holidays that you can use to write great content and tie into your business. While there are many week-specific holidays that you can celebrate in May, I believe that there are enough month-long holidays to keep you busy and writing the entire month. These are also great if you are an affiliate article marketer.

American Bike Month
Write about biking, bike racing, leisure biking, buying a bike, choosing a bike for your kids, adjusting your bike, bike safety, biking as exercise, famous bikers. good biking courses, biking accessories, etc.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Write about Asian Pacific American culture, favorite foods and recipes, history of Asian Pacific American’s in the US, contributions of Asian Pacific Americans to the US, famous Asian Pacific Americans, etc.

Asparagus Month (I wrote this recipe my kids love here)
How to grow asparagus, types of asparagus, asparagus recipes, nutrition facts on asparagus, origins of asparagus, etc.

Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month (Worse year ever! Ok, I say that every year:)
Write about signs and symptoms of asthma and allergies, treatment options, asthma triggers, types of allergies, new medicine reviews, natural cures and prevention, how asthma or allergies affect the body, asthma in children, allergies in children, etc.

Better Hearing and Speech Month
Write about the hearing and speech connection, getting tested, getting your children tested, picking a good speech therapist, hearing and speech careers, all about hearing aids, types of speech and speech therapy, signs your child needs to be tested, hearing, speech and the autism connection, etc.

Flower Month (I love peonies or hydrangeas if you are sending me some:)
You can write about all the the different types of flowers (roses, peonies, daisies, etc.), annuals vs. perennials, how to care for flowers, what kind of flowers to send, etc.

National Bar-B-Que Month
You could go to town on this topic. Barbecue recipes, best cooking strategies, best grills, coal vs. gas, veggies on the grill, chicken on the grill, fish on the grill, etc.

National Egg Month
Types of eggs. Brown vs. White eggs. Egg substitutes. Breakfast egg recipes. Eggs for lunch and dinner.

National Duckling Month
Write all about how ducks live, reproduce, how ducklings are born, how long they stay with their mother, primary source of food, do’s and don’ts on feed ducklings, etc.

National Hamburger Month
Who invented the hamburger? History of McDonald’s. Best places to order a hamburger. Hamburger recipes.

National Mental Health Month
You could write plenty of articles on the many different mental health disorders that people suffer from. Take a look at list of them over at GirlShrink. Write articles on what they are, treatment options, living with loved ones with the disorder, etc.

National Salad Month
Salad recipes. Health benefits of salad eating. Organic salads. Growing your own salad ingredients.

National Photo Month
This is a great affiliate option because you can write about different cameras. Photo printers. Photo printing companies. Photo software for your computer. How to take a good photo. Elements of a great photo. Taking the perfect headshot, family portrait.

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
Talk about physical fitness of the country. Individual fitness stories.  Great gyms or gym franchises. Favorite sports. Sports and children. Sports and teen. Sports and higher academic achievement. Professional sports. Good exercises or total exercise regime for men, women, teens, pregnant women, disabled.

National Strawberry Month
How to grow strawberries. Types of strawberries and where they are from. Great strawberry deserts. Other strawberry recipes. Strawberry flavored stuff and strawberry scented items (like candles).

Older Americans Month
Write about the various issues facing older Americans in the U.S. including: medicare, social security, long-term care, pensions, wills & trusts, working longer and retiring later, diseases such as cancer, dementia, alzheimers.

Transportation Month
Write about future transportation options, or alternative fuels. Write about different types of cars, trains, trucks, buses, bikes, etc. How to travel economically this summer. The history of different modes of transportation. The different costs to travel particular ways across the country (example: bus rides in Georgia, Washington State, Vermont ).

Seven Secrets To Becoming A Better Writer

1. Make The Decision To Write

2. Carve Out The Time To Write

3. Now Write!

4. Write Some More!

5. Don’t Overanalyze Your Writing. Let it be.

6. Now Write Again.

7. Then Do It All Over Tomorrow:)

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Sheer or Shear: A Grammar Tip

Sheer or Shear?

This quick grammar tip came up because I was writing something for someone, and writing very quickly, and used the wrong one! Ugh! You may know what each of these means, but in case you have a brain freeze or are writing rather quickly — I want you to be crystal clear about when to use sheer or shear in your writing. Actually the two have similar origins but mean completely two different things.

adjective [ attrib. ] nothing other than; unmitigated (used for emphasis) : she giggled with sheer delight | marriage is sheer hard work.2 (esp. of a cliff or wall) perpendicular or nearly so : the sheer ice walls.3 (of a fabric) very thin; diaphanous : sheer white silk chiffon.

1 perpendicularly : the ridge fell sheer, in steep crags.2 archaic completely; right : she went sheer forward when the door was open.

a very fine or diaphanous fabric or article.

sheerly | adverb  sheerness |

ORIGIN Middle English (in the sense [exempt, cleared] ): probably an alteration of dialect shire [pure, clear,] from the Germanic base of the verb shine . In the mid 16th cent. the word was used to describe clear, pure water, and also in sense 3.

verb [ intrans. ](typically of a boat or ship) swerve or change course quickly : the boat sheered off to beach further up the coast.• figurative avoid or move away from an unpleasant topic : her mind sheered away from images she didn’t want to dwell on.

a sudden deviation from a course, esp. by a boat.

ORIGIN early 17th cent.: perhaps from Middle Low German scheren ‘to shear.’

The two verbs sheer and shear have a similar origin but do not have identical meanings. Sheer, the less common verb, means ‘swerve or change course quickly’: : the boat sheers off the bank. Shear, on the other hand, usually means ‘cut the wool off (a sheep)’ and can also mean ‘break off (usually as a result of structural strain)’: : the pins broke and the wing part sheared off .

the upward slope of a ship’s lines toward the bow and stern.

ORIGIN late 17th cent.: probably from the noun shear .



verb ( past part. shorn | sh ôrn|or sheared )1 [ trans. ] cut the wool off (a sheep or other animal).• cut off (something such as hair, wool, or grass), with scissors or shears : I’ll shear off all that fleece.• ( be shorn of) have something cut off : they were shorn of their hair | figurative the richest man in the U.S. was shorn of nearly $2 billion.2 break off or cause to break off, owing to a structural strain : [ intrans. ] the derailleur sheared and jammed in the rear wheel | [ trans. ] the left wing had been almost completely sheared off.

a strain in the structure of a substance produced by pressure, when its layers are laterally shifted in relation to each other. See also wind shear .

shearer   (noun)

Old English sceran (originally in the sense [cut through with a weapon] ), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and Germanscheren, from a base meaning ‘divide, shear, shave.’

The two verbs shear and sheer are sometimes confused: see usage at sheer 2 .

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