October Article Ideas

A great way to get a surge of traffic to your site on a regular basis is to write theme or holiday related articles. Especially if you write them in a way that they will bring you traffic EVERY month for that specific holiday or theme. So do not write anything really specific to the “year” that you wrote them. Just the month. Then watch the traffic roll in every month like clockwork.

October article ideas

Here Are Some Article Ideas For You For Monthly October Search Engine Traffic:

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

I’ve noticed a lot of television commercials around this promotion lately. It is becoming a bigger monthly promotion, so it would probably be a great idea to write content around this if you can tie it into your business some way.Talk about shelter dog you adopted. Share tips and strategies for bringing home a shelter dog.

American Pharmacist Month

Very important job and great tie in for any health related niche.

Apple Jack Month

The cereal, the drink? Uh, I’m not sure about this one.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is a big one and you’ll see a lot of activity around this topic.

Clergy Appreciation Month

Great topic for any and all Christian, Catholic or other religious themed websites.

Computer Learning Month

Anyone could probably tie this topic in with their business. We’re all online educators in a way.

Cookie Month

Isn’t it every month? (Tee-hee!)

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

A very important topic that does well with first person accounts, prevention, and how to escape strategies.

Eat Country Ham Month

I don’t eat ham, but I’m sure a lot of people do:)

International Drum Month

Great for music sites, etc.

Lupus Awareness Month

This doesn’t get the attention that say MS gets, but it’s just as serious and prevalent of an autoimmune disease. If this is your niche — get busy writing content around it. There isn’t enough.

National Diabetes Month

Another big topic. Give it a spin unique to your niche and you’ll do great in the search engines.

National Pizza Month

Recipes, health pizza versions, unique pizza toppings, how to make at home, the ideas are endless!

National Vegetarian Month

I went to the library to check out the book “Eat To Live” and I was 86th on the list! People are looking for solutions to long term health and longevity and for many that is a closer look at Vegetarianism. Show people how to convert easily and you’ll win in this niche.

National Popcorn Popping Month

Popcorn flavors. Popcorn recipes. Popcorn crafts.

Sarcastic Month

Are you serious? (LOL)

Seafood Month

Restaurant listings, seafood recipes, how seafood is caught, farm raised vs wild caught, etc.


Obviously, you can write all Halloween and fall festive related articles as well. Here are some past articles I’ve written to help marketers write effective articles (and profit from them) on Halloween:




  1. says

    Hi Lisa,
    I hope that sneezing and coughing is over now 😉
    I wanted to thank you for 2 things:
    – the way you relate to people is great: for instance by telling us about your children, I had the feeling that we were experiencing the same things (September when the kids go back to school 😉 and it made me think that my articles could be more oriented toward “real people” and not only focused on “hard topics”.
    – Good advice: “don’t write for the year, just the month”.

    • says

      Hi Mike,
      I’m still congested but you know how that is. It lasts forever:) Thanks for the comments about the article. I continue to try and show my community how people are becoming immune to traditional marketing and as you say “hard topic” writing. People want to relate to you. They want to trust you. But you’ve got to meet them half way there:) Have a great weekend, going to fix myself a little green tea now.

  2. says

    Hi Lisa,

    I saw your post from Blog Engage. This is a superb idea. You write about the trending topic for that month and you have a recurring topic every year. You gave me an idea. I will think about your suggestion when i select a topic.

    What about Eid? and November sales?

    The notion is very simple yet, doable and brilliant. It would also ensure monthly visitors. Thanks for the heads up.

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