#1 Secret For Writing Productivity

writing productivityIf you are a parent, especially a mom (shout out to all my moms!), then this is probably going to really speak to you because we tend to be multi-taskers to the tenth power! The problem with multitasking is that it can be distracting. Sure you may get a lot done, but is it really done well? OR do you even get any one thing done completely at all?

I find that the clients who have the most difficult time with creating compelling content on a consistent basis for their audience, tend to suffer from this multitasking approach towards everything in their lives including their marketing and let me tell you — for must of us this approach just won’t work.

So (drumroll please!) this is my #1 strategy and secret for writing and producing more content on a consistent basis:

Focus on only ONE marketing strategy today and that’s creating content.

Do not play around on Twitter. Do not look for Facebook friends and fans. Do not connect with someone on LinkedIn. Forget about commenting on your favorite bloggers posts. Leave those website, pay per click, or Facebook ad stats alone today. Your website doesn’t need any tweaking today. You don’t need to check emails all day. Just once at the top of the day, if at all. Instead, just focus on content.

I find when I decide that on Mondays (my personal writing blitz day) all I am going to do is write, I produce a lot more content. In fact, instead of writing just one blog post or creating one video or writing a guest post for another site — I find that I am creating 5, 7, or 8 different new pieces of content that day that will set me up lovely for the rest of the week! Bam! Content done. Now I don’t have to worry about how I’m behind on creating new content for the rest of the week because I’ve already done it. And get this…

There’s something about doing ONE thing in one sitting, without distraction. You get in a ZONE. So I find that I write my best when I have been writing several articles, book chapters, etc. at one time.

So here’s what I recommend that you do:

1. Select one day a week that you will commit to creating high level content that attracts more of your ideal clients.

2. Eliminate all distractions on that day.

3. Create a series of blog posts, guest posts, video articles, or audio articles that day — don’t just write one piece of content that day.

4. Pay yourself on the back, you’re done for the week!

Article Marketing Vs. Video Marketing

Article Marketing Vs. Video Marketing

People often ask me my opinion about video marketing. Some wonder if it is the alternative to article marketing. While I do not claim to be an expert on videos, I know enough about search engine optimization to make and educated assessment about both strategies.

Video Marketing

First off, I want to begin by saying that I do use video article marketing as part of the overall marketing strategy for my business, BUT I do not use it in the way purported by many video experts. The experts would have you believe that you can submit videos, get ranked high in the search engines, and watch the traffic roll in. End of story.

Yet that is only partially true. Depending on many factors, you could possibly rank for your intended keywords in video search quickly BUT you most of us will not stay there.

Now if your video article happens to rank high in the search engines, I am sure you will enjoy a nice surge of new traffic to your sites, and there is no question that it is very important to your overall marketing strategy; but there are surges of traffic and there is long-term traffic. Which do you want? Which do you want to spend your time generating?

Video marketing brings surges of traffic and also high-quality backlinks to your site (which is very important). But for long-term results that STAY in the top 10 or top 20 search results (for years!) article marketing (content) has been proven to have the staying power that we all ultimately want. Write it, submit it, forget it. The traffic continues.

Leave any comments, tips, or raise questions in the comments section below this post. It would be great to have a sustainable conversation about video marketing vs. article marketing since we all want the same results – more traffic:)

Should I Ping Revised Blog Articles? [Video]

I recently published a newly revised WordPress Ping list for WordPress bloggers. While this ping list should be added to your WordPress settings, your settings are probably also set to only ping new content. This is to avoid your blog from pinging all the sites on the list when you make changes to your articles. Fix typos. Perhaps update outdated links.

But what about when you make significant updates to your articles. You add additional content based on new information. Or you update your articles with better SEO tweaks such as better titles, better meta information, etc. So the article marketing question of the week is:

Q: Should you ping articles (again) on your blog that you have recently revised?

A: Yes! You need to let all the announcement sites and relevant blogs know that you have updated your articles and that folks should go over and read them again or perhaps read them for the first time. It doesn’t make much sense to update your articles if no one knows that you have and then never go on to read them. So you have to shout it out. It’s okay. Just as long as you are making this one significant update and not a lot little updates (like typos).

So how do I update my articles without upsetting my WordPress settings?
So here’s all you have to do. Make your changes. Update your blog article. Then go to Ping-o-matic and ping your articles. Here’s a VERY short video showing you how.

Article Marketing Course

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How To Use Google Trends Tool

It’s no secret that I am a BIG fan of Google Tools (like the Google Trends tool). I love using robust tools for my business that are FREE and I’m not ashamed to admit it:) That’s why I have and will continue to write about why you should use Google tools, how to use them, and what to use them for — easily. They are especially great for article marketing and content builders like us.

So, today, I’m going to talk about how to use the Google Trends tool. One cool tool that I briefly glossed over a long time ago – and only recently started actively using for building relevant and better content. Here’s a quick video I made to explain how to use it:

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Free Online Screen Capture Software

In some of my other posts, I’ve mentioned to my fellow Mac owners how they can use Jing to create screencast videos because Camtasia software is only available for PC users. Now while there is a Mac version of Camtasia being developed – several people have decided to jump in and fill the void in the market. And not just for Mac users – but for anyone who doesn’t want to spend the money on pricey software.

If you just want to make a few great video articles or training videos for one of your products, then I think trying one of these free web-based screencast video solutions is just the right ticket for you:

1. Jing
My personal favorite is Jing, created by TechSmith. I mean even my nine-year-old could make screencast videos up to 5 minutes long with this software. The videos are really high-quality and include live audio and export features. Supports all platforms.

2. Screencast-O-Matic
Nice full-featured web-based screencast creator. Nothing to install. All straight from your browser.
Includes audio. Videos can be up to 15 minutes and are exported as Quicktime videos. All platforms can use this.

3. ScreenToaster
I heard about this user-friendly screencast creator from Jack Humphrey — which is currently in Beta. You will need an invite which you can grab over at TechCrunch. The only thing limiting this very easy to use software is the fact that they have not included live audio recording yet — although they plan to while in Beta. You have to record your audio after you have recorded the video and add it in. Videos can be about 5 minutes. All platforms can use this.

4. CaptureFox
Windows users can use this firefox add-on to create screen capture videos with audio. Pretty easy to use although some complain about the overall quality of video playback after a few minutes of playing. Only Windows users can use this.