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My Article Writing Experience
I have a pretty interesting writing history. I received my bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1991 and have been writing in some capacity for money ever since. I have written professionally  for publications such as The New York Times, Gannet News Service, Publisher’s Weekly, Travel Agent Magazine,,, The AskGirlShrink Advice Column, and

lisa angelettie apex awardArticles I Write Now
I tend to write really my “best” stuff right on this website, because I have learned through experience that you should save your best material for your own site in order to grow traffic, relevance in the search engines, and of course authority in your niche. I have arranged my articles in general categories as well as with keyword tags so that you can find the information you are looking for quickly. That’s why this is an award-winning site for content:)

6-Figure Marketing Tips Articles
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My Article Marketing Story
I use article marketing as one of my core 6-figure marketing strategies. I think that this article marketing case study featuring me on really explains how I got started in article marketing, why I stay with it, my stats, and my advice for new writers.