College Students: About Writing For A Living

Attention all college and university students. This is a special message for you…

It was in college where I first truly understood that my love of writing was powerful and could help me carve out a living in the world. But I want to give you a few tips that I wish someone had told me while I was in college.

Get Experience
1. If you plan on making a living as a writer in some capacity, whether it is fiction, non-fiction, journalism, advertising, PR, script writing, copywriting, affiliate article marketing, etc. or whether you need to be able to write well in your field of choice (lawyers, doctors, engineers, business) then this is something you MUST do.

Get an internship in your speciality of choice. In fact, a great idea would be to try several internships during your years in school to become familiar with your career choices and the expectations of you as a writer from an employer. One thing I didn’t do in college was intern in various niches, I only interned in journalism, which kind of pigeonholed me after graduation. The only jobs I could get were journalism jobs — and of course I found out later that I didn’t like journalism. I could have shortened that learning curve if I had interned in a few other areas where writing is the major requirement.

Don’t worry as much whether it is paid internshipor not — the gold is in the connections you make with your employers AND the experience on your resume.

Earn Money By Writing – Now!
2. If you are concerned about tuition, books, or spending money, etc. while you are in school and are worried about taking non-paying internships during school or during the summer months, then you should absolutely try your hand a freelancing to make extra cash. Since you can write – you might as well earn some cash at it while you are in school. Your age doesn’t matter. There are resources with lists of tons of publications who are looking for freelance material, here are several: Writer’s Market

A great way to do this is on the web is to write articles for paying sites such as , and with affiliate article marketing. That’s where you write articles and recommend a resource within or at the end of that article. Then you get paid if someone buys the resource based on your referral.

Some college students have even taken it step further by creating their own websites or blogs, simply writing a lot of articles, reviews, and recommendations on things they love. Everyone has an affiliate program now! So you could basically review almost any product that you personally use or know about. There’s really no need for you NOT to make extra cash while you are in college. All you need is access to a computer and the desire to write.

Get An Online College Internship With Us
3. Depending on your skill set and familiarity with blogging, social media, or html etc., you could secure a semester, summer, or year-long  internship with us. Our internships are online only, so you wouldn’t have to worry about being at an office at any specific time and you will learn a LOT. A few tips…

– You have to either love writing or internet marketing to even bother applying for an internship with us.

– If you have programming or wordpress skills, I can “hire” you for a few freelance jobs.

– We will match you to a project based on what your skills are and what you like to do. We don’t want you writing anything that your heart isn’t in. But of course on the flip side, it is a job and it’s important for you to learn how to see a project through from start to finish.

– If you are interested in applying for an internship position, send us a quick letter telling us why here: APPLY