Content Rich Editorial Calendar

Attention Coaches, Consultants, and Self Employed Professionals:

content rich editorial calendar

“Who Else Wants To Create Content That Attracts All The Clients You Need And Triples Your Traffic This Year? Get Your One Year Customized Content Rich Editorial Calendar Created For You…In 7 to 10 Days!”

That’s Right…I Will Do All The Work For You And You Will Get All The Glory (Plus Lots More New Clients!)

From: Lisa Angelettie, Elkins Park, PA.
Friday, 11:57am
Dear Solopreneur,

>> Do you typically struggle with creating enough articles for your website, ezine or for article marketing purposes, but you’d like to start consistently publish content that your potential clients are desperately seeking?

>> Are you having a difficult time getting DAILY streams of highly qualified people to join your list, to buy your products, or to work with you privately, and you’d like to finally multiply those numbers this year?

>> Are you unsure about the types of content your ideal clients want from you, but you’re ready to get crystal clear and make a bigger impact online?

Don’t You Wish That There Was A Way That You Could Focus More Time And Energy On Your Strengths And Talents While Someone Else Took Over All The Painstaking Planning Of Your Content For The Year?

Don’t Start The New Year Without A Strategy For Engaging Your Community With Relevant Content For Your Newsletter. Lisa Angelettie’s Content Rich Editorial Calendar Program takes the stress out of creating a strategic content plan for readers filled with topics they desire and that converts readers into fans!

Announcing An Unprecedented Invitation For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Offer Their Community Superior Content This Year…

Hi, I’m Lisa Angelettie, Your Content Rich Marketing Mentor, and I am announcing the exclusive opportunity to be one of only a handful of entrepreneurs I work with this year to completely research and create your editorial content for an entire year. This powerful service will be completely done for you, by me, and I will deliver it to you in seven to ten business days.

Your Content Rich Editorial Calendar™ is your opportunity to have your content planned for the entire year by an award-winning content writer, publisher and content strategist. This is my second year offering this done-for-you service, and frankly I’m excited to work with you!

How I Work:

After collecting input from you on your business, I will do all the research in your niche, select topics that prospects in your niche are craving information on, create reader friendly but high converting titles on those topics, and will give you your completed editorial calendar within 7 to 10 business days. Imagine not having to worry about what to write for an entire year! Just refer to your Content Rich Editorial Calendar, write and publish!

Now you can benefit from:

  • Stronger client relationships
  • Increased readership
  • Higher website traffic
  • More referrals and repeat sales
  • More comments, tweets, and likes in social media
  • Increased expert status

I have been creating and publishing my own content for over 10 years to serve my readers and to strategically market my business, and by doing so I have been able to steadily attract new members to my list on a daily basis, and convert many into some of my most loyal clients and fans. I am still in awe and honored at how my content been able to educate and help so many people all over the world, and I want to do the same for your business.

When I regularly survey people in my community, it never fails that over 76% of my clients and customers were FIRST loyal subscribers of my newsletter.

So now…I am ready to create the same sort of content footprint for you. Are you an ideal candidate? Not everyone is.


• The idea of taking all the headache of planning your ezine topics for the year feels like an ENORMOUS weight lifted off of you.

• You know you need to create articles and videos will capture your readers full attention, but you don’t like to do the necessary research. Or you can’t do it quickly enough.

• You love what you do, but you don’t like how hard you have to work to attract new clients.

• You’re current content strategy is not bringing you new traffic, and you need a better plan for how you will target your ideal clients

• You have a lot of competition and want to stand out and be seen as the expert in your niche, but you wish someone could show you how to get there.

• You’ve been saying that you want to publish more consistently but you just haven’t gotten to it and you feel really bad knowing that the you are leaving money on the table each and every week!

In addition to receiving your COMPLETE One Year Editorial Calendar, your investment includes:

• a 30-minute preliminary private content strategy session with me conducted via phone

• a copy of my brand new 2013 Content Marketing Blueprint for Entrepreneurs

Lisa Takes Great Care When Researching & Creating You Your Customized Content Calendar For YOU And Therefore Only Offers 7 Coveted Spots This Season. There’s No Time To Lose.

Please note: This opportunity is only for the serious. The Content Rich Editorial Calendar Program is limited to only 7 participants, first come, first served. So time is of the essence.

Update: This Program Is Currently Closed. Email Me If You’d Like To Be Placed On The Waiting List For The Next Program.

12 Month Program – Click To Reserve Your Spot
Twelve Hand Researched Article Ideas For Your Monthly Newsletter or Blog Post
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Twenty-six Hand Researched Article Ideas For Your Bi-Weekly Newsletter or Blog Posts
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