Seo Blog Thank You

Thank You For Investing In A SEO Optimized WordPress Blog Installation!

You’ve made a great investment in your business–I promise you!

There is a variety of information that we need in order to get started on your project. Please note that complete installation and optimization of your blog can generally take up to 5 business days to complete. Please submit your answers to the questions below via email. (copy and paste)

1. Please submit your first and last name, full address, phone number, and primary email address.

2. Our service includes securing a domain name, web hosting, and blog installation. Please include at least 5 suggestions for domain names that you’d like. We will try to secure your top pick first.

3. Please note that your domain name is free for one year. Annual billing will start in a year to the credit card you provided when your ordered, unless you let us know that you’d like to use alternate billing information.

4. Also note that your credit card will be billed monthly for your web hosting at a rock bottom rate ($3.99/month).