Thank You For Booking Your Laser eConsultation!

Welcome To Ask Lisa Anything!

Congratulations and welcome to email laser consulting with me. How I wished that some of my mentors had offered such an economical option as this when I was stuck in my marketing (hey, I still wish they did!). I look forward to working with you. Let’s get started…

Here are a few details about our session:

1. You can submit your question to me anytime of the day, 24 hours a day. I work during different pockets of time during the day, so I will be sure to get to your email within 24 hours.

2. If your question warrants some research on my part, I will notify you of that and give you a reasonable time frame of when to expect my response.

3. To keep your session super-focused and productive, please note that we will only communicate about ONE issue or concern. If you have more to discuss with me, you will need to purchase further consultations or invest in monthly digital coaching option which I can discuss with you when you’re ready.

4. When you submit your question, please be as detailed as you can so that I can give you the best direction.

5. Please note that your credit or bank statement will reflect a ONE-TIME payment of $47.00 USD for this consultation. There are NO recurring fees. This is NOT a subscription.

To Get Started
Please send your question to my private coaching email:

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