Thanks Rise

Welcome To The Content Marketing Design RISE Program!

Congratulations:) You have made a HUGE step towards creating the content rich, freedom-based business of your dreams. I just wanted to take a moment and acknowledge you for taking decisive action today and making this business-altering commitment to yourself and your business. I know it’s exciting and a little scary but I’m going to hold your hand along the way. I’ve got your back:)

I will end any confusion you may have around your business.

I will guide you step by step in order to end information overload.

We will stay connected. I’m your coach & private mentor for 6 entire months.

I will hold you accountable. No slackers allowed! I’ve got my eyes on you.

Your business…Your life will completely change. This I promise.


1. If you are seeing this welcome message this means that your investment was activated and processed successfully. So no worries there:)

2. What we need to do now is schedule our first call so that we can plan our VIP day and coaching sessions for the next six months.

3. Please email me at my private client email ( with 3 possible dates and times that you have 20 minutes available to chat and the phone number that you’d like me to call you on. I’d like to book you as soon as possible.

It must be a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Either I or someone on my team will get back to you to confirm.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact someone from my client care team at: