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Hire Lisa & Get Answers To Your Writing, ePublishing, & Marketing Questions

  • Are You Stuck With The Planning, Writing, or Publishing of Your First Book?
  • Would You Like Help With Selling More Books?
  • Are You Thinking About Publishing A WordPress Blog And Don’t Know Where To Begin?
  • Do You Need To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog But Not Having Much Success?
  • Are You Stuck On How To Write Copy That Attracts & Converts Website Visitors Into Paying Clients?
  • Would You Like To Create More Passive Income Streams In Your Business?
  • Do You Need Ways To Gain More Visibility & Stand Out In Your Niche?
  • Are You Looking For Ways To Write More Content In Less Time?
  • Do You Need Help With Figuring Out What Content Your Business Actually Needs Or How To Improve Yours?

Don’t you wish you could sit down with someone and ask all the questions you have about creating a profitable and memorable content driven business? Well now you can.

Back in 2002, I first started using content to help build a profitable online private psychotherapy practice and since then have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs clear the internet marketing clutter and build thriving businesses using content as the foundation. In my consultations, I want to help you get rid of the confusion and move  you forward with your copy and content business goals.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Analysis of your website and it’s copy & associated content (ebooks, newsletter, etc.)
  • Specific recommendations of improvements you can make & the results to expect
  • 60 Minute Phone Consultation in which we’ll address all your questions
  • Mp3 recording of our consultation so that you can review everything we discuss
  • Straight talk (zero fluff) about what you need with no ridiculous upsells or cross-sells
  • Appropriate vendor referrals based on the needs of your business

Is This What You Need?

Many people come to me at a point where they are either starting out in their business and are totally confused by all the information on how to market it or they are 3 or so years into their business and are completely frustrated with their lack of clients, sales, traffic, subscribers and so on. Here are several scenarios where you would profit from a consultation investment with me:You are paralyzed with indecision because of all the choices out there when it comes to writing, publishing or marketing your work. You aren’t sure what to do first or what to do next. You wish you could just work on what it is you do best and what you love about your business, but you know that if you don’t get the marketing right, that you won’t succeedYou don’t have the time to write articles, blog posts, guest posts, copy for your blog, press releases, videos, podcasts, short reports, infoproducts, ebook,  a newsletter, and social media content on a regular basis. You need to identify what “content type” you are and isolate the types of content that would work best for your business and ultimately how creating this content will result in money coming in.

You are about to sign up for a very expensive coaching program with a marketing guru that you can’t really afford. Before you send in your paperwork, send me an email instead. There’s probably a better solution for you and I”ll help you find it.

You are about to change your business name and hire a graphic designer to “fix” your branding hoping this will result in more clients or more sales. Before you completely overhaul your business and pay for something you’re just going to have to change again (or that you didn’t have to change in the first place), let me take a look. I think I can save you a lot of time and frustration.

How You Will Benefit From This

  • You will get VERY clear about your business and what is currently working and what isn’t
  • You will learn the next steps needed
  • You will have saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars by avoiding online marketing “traps” and “cults” and using the right resources for your business
  • You will start to have more confidence and a brighter outlook on your business

What Is The Investment?

Your investment is only $297 for a thorough content review and 60 minute consultation. If you want to go a bit longer at 90 minutes, the cost is $365. Compare that to $1000-5000 some marketing gurus are asking for consultations or group coaching programs that deliver little personal attention.

I know that there is a lot of information on the web about writing, blogging, content marketing, ebook publishing and so forth – in fact there is a lot right here on this website, but what I am offering you is a consultation that is specific to your business, your content, and your goals. I guarantee you that your consultation will be worth way more than the investment you are paying. The fact is – I love helping people and would do this for free (if I didn’t have to pay bills:) So I give a lot.

So the choice is yours. A personalized content analysis and strategy for you and your business at an investment level that’s less expensive then my cable bill! Or another year trying to figure it all out on your own. If you’re ready, click on the add to cart button below and let’s get started today!

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