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I would not imagine myself to be the “expert” on the independent publishing world, so what I do is follow some of the reigning experts out there and wait and see like the rest of you. One of my favorite experts on independent publishing is the owner of Smashwords, Mark Coker. I tend to listen […]

The ePublishing world is always changing. Not so long ago, Barnes & Noble was the clear #2 ebook retailer in the market. That is not the case any longer. Barnes & Nobles sales are down and iBook sales are slowly creeping up. Now with the introduction of Apple’s new operating system, it may be that […]

Barnes & Noble and it’s eReader The Nook is losing money by the minute, primarily because of it’s business model — trying to disrupt and compete with Amazon. Borders tried the same thing and you see where they are. But guess what? Independent bookstores cannot and evidently are not trying to beat the Amazon monster […]

I love this piece over on CreateSpace by Richard Ridley on word count paralysis. Sometimes I am guilty of this and it was refreshing to see that other writers feel the same. Sometimes staring at the blinking cursor on your computer screen can make it morph into a stop sign and prevent you from holding a […]

I believe this!

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Is Kindle Unlimited Good For Authors?

Have you heard about Amazon’s new book subscription service titled Kindle Unlimited? For $9.99 a month you can download and read Kindle ebooks and audio books to your heart’s content. Basically it’s like Netflix for readers and to me it’s a great deal for readers. The cost per month is basically the expense of two […]

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What Is Digital Rights Management (DRM) And Should I Use It?

Very interesting stuff is going on in the digital media world right now. Right around the same time a new report over on Author Earnings came out which included information on DRM, my husband (music producer) received a letter in the mail from his distribution company about DRM for his work. Everybody is talking about […]

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Should You Participate In Direct Sales Of Your Books?

There is a growing debate in the publishing stratosphere on whether or not writers and publishers should start aggressively pursuing direct sales of books in an effort to eliminate the middle man (Amazon). Visit any number of writer and/or small publisher sites and  you will no doubt read a wide variety of opinions on the […]

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