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I’ve been saying this for years. Somehow publishers have gotten it all backwards. Ebooks should really be priced at a higher price point than print books because you have IMMEDIATE and convenient access to the product. Read this excerpt about this topic and tell me what you think: From Digital Book World: Imagine a cold […]

If you don’t use password software on  your computer, phone, or tablet — I think you must have a super power! I mean how do you remember every single password that you use on all the sites you visit? Ex: Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, WordPress, Gmail, Paypal, The Bank, etc. Almost every site you visit requires […]

If you currently publish on the Amazon ecosystem (as I fondly call it) and you use Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) to receive your royalties, then you probably have noticed that you’re seeing money deposited in your bank account on a more frequent basis. To which I say…YIPPEEE! I’m ecstatic, but some authors – not so […]

If you’re a writer, chances are that at some point you will need to share your articles with someone. Of course in the old days when I worked in print media, I would get a copy of my clips and I would lovingly place them in plastic folders in a portfolio book. Now things are […]

How To Write A Book Review

When I worked on the editorial desk for The New York Times (Washington Bureau), I was living in Washington D.C. at the time and the cost of living was pretty high. I needed another gig and was blessed with the opportunity to freelance as a book reviewer for Publisher’s Weekly. I didn’t realize it back […]

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Site Updates & Changes

My site is going to look a little wonky for the next couple of days because I am making some edits, some tweaks, retiring some old stuff, and adding some other stuff. I’ll be sending out an email letting you know what’s going on, especially because I haven’t written in a while. I can quickly […]

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Kindle Countdown Deals: A New Promotional Tool For Authors

Amazon has recently announced the launch of a new book promotional tool for KDP Select authors called Kindle Countdown Deals. I suppose they are adding this tool as a way of sweetening the pot for authors to choose to enroll their books in the KDP Select program. A program which entails publishing your book to […]

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How To Monitor Mentions Of Your Name or Brand On The Web

We all want more visibility and more reach don’t we? What I’ve learned over the years of writing on the web and coaching virtually is that the real key to building a tribe of people who not only read what you write, invest in you, and spread the word about you is to engage them. But […]

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