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  I’m so excited to share that my new book on Kindle Blog Publishing has cracked the bestseller lists in the Business Writing and Computers & Technology categories. Yippee!!! If you own a blog and would like to learn how you can generate an easy passive income stream by having readers pay to subscribe to […]

Author Central allows you to manage up to three Author Pages within a single account. If you write under your real name as well as a pseudonym (pen name), you can manage both Author Pages from the same Author Central account. Here’s how: 1. Log in to Author Central (https://authorcentral.amazon.com). 2. Click the “Books” tab […]

Kindle Publishing Tips Series A lot can happen in between Mac operating system updates and Kindle Previewer updates. I found this out when I was publishing my latest book to KDP. If you have an updated operating system on your Mac (Yosemite) and are trying to preview your Kindle manuscript/ebook in previewer, then read this… […]

New writers often ask me about for proofreading and copyediting referrals and when I give them some names and a quote, they run for the hills. Often submitting their unpolished, unedited work to Amazon and the other marketplaces and getting horrible reviews in return. Reviews about editing are some of the worst negative reviews a writer […]

Indie Publishing Predictions 2015

I would not imagine myself to be the “expert” on the independent publishing world, so what I do is follow some of the reigning experts out there and wait and see like the rest of you. One of my favorite experts on independent publishing is the owner of Smashwords, Mark Coker. I tend to listen […]

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Should You Expect To See Higher iBook Sales Because Of iOS 8?

The ePublishing world is always changing. Not so long ago, Barnes & Noble was the clear #2 ebook retailer in the market. That is not the case any longer. Barnes & Nobles sales are down and iBook sales are slowly creeping up. Now with the introduction of Apple’s new operating system, it may be that […]

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The Rise Of The Independent Bookstore (Yippee!)

Barnes & Noble and it’s eReader The Nook is losing money by the minute, primarily because of it’s business model — trying to disrupt and compete with Amazon. Borders tried the same thing and you see where they are. But guess what? Independent bookstores cannot and evidently are not trying to beat the Amazon monster […]

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Are You Obsessed With Word Count?

I love this piece over on CreateSpace by Richard Ridley on word count paralysis. Sometimes I am guilty of this and it was refreshing to see that other writers feel the same. Sometimes staring at the blinking cursor on your computer screen can make it morph into a stop sign and prevent you from holding a […]

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