Affiliate Article Marketing: Promote Products With Pre-Written Articles

There are some people whose primary business it is to make money promoting other people’s products. People do this on ebay, craigslist, or via affiliate article marketing.

But chances are if you have an online business, and you have used other products and services that you really like – that you could easily promote those products to members of your list or visitors to your site.

In fact, you are actually in a great position to use affiliate article marketing. You already have a relationship with your list. That’s half the battle. Writing reviews, recommendations, or simply listing something as a resource to members of your list will easily result in another passive stream of income in your business.

So Here’s An Affliate Marketing Shortcut…

You probably spend enough time writing your own content right? Well, the key to adding an affiliate stream of income effortlessly is to promote products that offer articles as an affiliate tool to their affiliates. That way all you have to do is copy and paste, promote, and get paid.

Articles have been proven to be an effective and versatile affiliate tool. Many of the stronger marketers on the web have been offering them as tools to their affiliates since – forever.

How Can I Use Affiliate Articles?

1. You can use them as solo mailings to your list.

2. You could use them as a “feature article” in your newsletter or ezine.

3. You can feature them on your website or blog.

4. Add them to your Facebook Notes.

5. Feature them in your Ning community or forum.

6. Then as an added traffic booster,  you can promote the articles via Twitter or – just like you would your own content.

Where Do I Find These Types of Affiliates?

FIRST – The first products and services you want to promote as an affiliate article marketer are items that you have used yourself and LOVED. Those are of course the easiest to make money from.

Most likely if they convinced you to buy, they have content lying around that you can use as an affiliate. Check and see if they have any articles published over at the major article directories such as

SECOND – The next place is to go on affiliate leader Clickbank. They have a massive affiliate network and gobs of top-selling products that you can promote. Visit the site of the product you are interested in and see if there is an affiliate page.

Some marketers will have their affiliate tools ready for you to grab right off of their site. Others will want you to join their affiliate program and then grab the articles and other affiliate tools from their affiliate site.

If you would like to promote my hot new article marketing course Articology (recurring monthly income!), feel free to grab one of my article marketing articles over at Don’t forget to add your clickbank affiliate link so you get paid.

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