Amazon’s Kindle 2 Released

Okay – so I’m glad that I procrastinated on purchasing a Kindle from Amazon last summer, because they have just released a kick-butt, second generation version called the Kindle 2.

In case you have been living under a techie rock these days, a kindle is a wireless reading device which allows you to read books, newspapers, blogs, pdf files, word files, text files, and html files all on this one device.

What I love about it is that:

1. You do not need a wifi hot spot to read your books/files. It is so annoying that I can only go to the bookstore and Starbucks to get online when I’m out in the world.

2. It is paper thin and will fit nicely into any of my bags.

3. I can read all the infoproducts I purchase in my bed and not sit up at the computer all night, uncomfortable, and cranky.

4. I can read the complete Jane Austen collection without having to find any more space in my already overcrowded bedroom for the books.

5. It reads like paper and not like a computer screen.

6. I can stop contributing to the killing of trees:-)

Now let me warn you that the Kindle is not for the faint of heart. It ain’t cheap! I mean I can think of a 1000 other things that I need to spend 359.00 bucks on. Like the screen on my Macbook cracking! Well actually that won’t even put a dent in the repair bill for that. But I digress…

What I’m saying basically is that it is an expense that I cannot really justify. I don’t need it, and you probably don’t either. But it is a wonderful luxury to have — and if you can afford the splurge — I say go for it.

Imagine all the articles you could read in bed tonight?

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