Article Distribution: Frequently Asked Questions

I receive inquiries every week on how to effectively execute article distribution. So I thought this would be a good time to address several of the most common questions sent to me by members:

Q. How often should I distribute my articles?

A. It is important to the search engines that you build links back to your site “naturally”. And that is what you are doing when you publish and distribute your articles to different places. You are building links. So it is best to not distribute too many articles at one given time. Instead it is better to “drip” your article distribution.

Q. Should I use an article distribution software program?

A. It is no secret that I have bought, tried, and tested almost every article distribution software out there and frankly am not impressed. So should you invest in a software product to see results in your article marketing? I don’t think it is neither essential nor necessary. Distributing your articles manually is just fine.

Q. Should I use an article distribution service?

A. I have also invested in several of the top submission services and like these much better than article distribution software programs, BUT they have their downsides too. Some have a pretty steep monthly fee, which I think works against the spirit of article marketing. One of the great things about article marketing is the fact that it is free, costs you nothing, and having to pay an arm and a leg to have someone simply distribute my articles is not something I prefer to do.

What I do LIKE about many article distribution services is that some have well-established connections with highly ranked and trafficked sites that would be great place for your articles. These are sites that many of us would have no real opportunity of getting published on by ourselves. So sometimes, that is worth the investment.

Q. Is there an article distribution service that you recommend?

A. Out of all of the services that I have used, I think the one with the strongest connections to 3rd party sites and superior customer service is Submit Your Article. There are a few others that are good as well — but I think that SYA has the strongest 3rd party site connections and superior customer service.

Q. How many places should I distribute my articles for effective article marketing?

A. There are two approaches that most marketers seem to take with the distribution of articles. One is to try and publish articles to as many places as they can in an effort to build backlinks and traffic. Yet this is the type of approach that leads to duplicate content penalties. The other is to publish articles to strategic places based on traffic, importance, page rank, usability, etc. This is the stronger approach, and with it you only need to distribute articles to “select” places.

Q. How much time should I spend on article distribution?

A. Contrary to what you may hear from marketers who want to sell you some “bright and shiny” software program, etc., you do not have to spend a lot of time on article distribution. Remember that quality is much more important than quantity. I rather publish and distribute my articles to 3 kick-butt directories than a 1000 no-traffic blogs.

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  1. says

    Lisa, I really agree with what you are saying in this article. I have had far better results distributing my articles to three or four very good article directories. I have tried article distribution services, but positive results have been very sporadic.

    Lisa, thanks for some very good information.


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