Article Rewriter – Does It Work?

Article Rewriter – Does article rewriter and article spinner software work?

Q: Hey Lisa, just wondering what your thoughts are on article rewriter software and article spinner software? I’m wondering how I can produce more unique articles in less time and thought that this would be a good strategy. I see them being advertised all over, but wanted to know if you use them.

A: While I enjoy writing, I am always looking for a way to produce more in less time too. Article marketing is a numbers game for sure – so it makes sense to look for short cuts. The reality of those short cuts though is that they are either  just plain crappy and create unnatural articles that no real person would read OR they take forever to use. You could probably write 3 new articles in the same time it takes to “rewrite or spin” an old article.

So when people ask me for a referral for article rewriter software, I typically don’t have any except for one service that I use myself, and that’s SubmitYourArticle. The reason why I prefer them is that their article rewriter is pretty fast to use (after you get past the short learning curve) and they publish your articles to high quality and high impact sites and newsletters. They’ve been around a long time, so they’ve established good connections with publishers. Many of these new article rewriter softwares and services cost you a lot of time spinning the articles and more time submitting those spun articles to no-ranked, low-trafficked blog networks.

My final thoughts on the matter are that I rather you submit your own unique articles to directories and 3rd party blogs, but if you must use an article rewriter then SYA is the way to go.


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    In all of this clamor for free and fast web page content, the idea of the rights of the author and the pursuit of quality of information is sadly being lost, resulting in a great many websites with sub-standard articles appearing on the web. This makes it hard to find quality among the mediocrity, but don’t despair. There’s still no replacement for good quality, well researched, original articles. It might take time, it might take effort, but the results are worth it.

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    Both work if done sanely. Some people do it the wrong way and end up seeing no or negative results. For example if an article is rewritten/spinned in a bad manner it would be difficult for humans to read that, how on earth would you see conversion with that kind content?

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    I’ve read some hilarious articles online that are clearly poorly spun. You have to wonder why some people don’t even take the time to proofread these things prior to posting them on their sites! Thanks for the insight.

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    When articles are “written” by automated software, they can’t employ good SEO practices like keyword density and synonym usage. It’s important to do these things so that your articles get viewed a lot and you get lots of traffic from them. Not optimizing your articles for SEO purposes is a big waste of an article.

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    I have been lucky as I have found a very good writer who rewrites all my article before I submit them to somewhere else. I you have a good article and you want to reuse it all over again, which makes lot of sense, then I always suggest rewriting them before submission. Usually writers charge less for rewriting than writing original content.


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