Best Kept Sales-Conversion Secret Revealed!

I’m so excited today! One of my sites which sells my relationship repair tutorial titled: Relationship 911! Seven Steps For Saving Your Relationship has really improved it’s sales conversion rate just over the last couple of days.

You know why? Well there is a little known secret out there that even many of the “guru’s” fail to implement in their businesses. What is it?

Well – humor me for a minute.

Think about when you visit a major retail site such as: (I bought all my pairs of UGGS there about 2 years back. Great website!) They have certain images or seals on their site which add credibility and build a sense of trust.

There are several seals shown throughout the site including one to the Better Business Bureau and BizRate. Other types of “trust seals” would include things like UPS or FEDEX logos. Credit card logos. Etc.

Remember that when you have a visitor on your site — your main focus should be to build a relationship with him or her. Nothing does this more than when you piggyback off of other “trusted” symbols on the web.

That’s why I have started implementing this type of “trust seal” on my websites as well. And after I tweaked and tested my first site ( with my new seal from Honeste, I have definitely seen results! Results that go cha-ching!

Not to mention that buyers are protected because of all the extra privacy and legal forms I had to add to my site in order to be in compliance with Honeste Online.

Sites like your Better Business Bureau and Truste are expensive. Really expensive. But they can charge those prices because the “big boys” have already tested the effectiveness of their order pages with and without “trust seals”. They know that they need to have them for a better conversion rate.

In order for smaller businesses like ours to compete – I know of an affordable alternative. You know the one I mentioned before – Honeste Online.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Some major players on the web have joined and started using these seals and have said that they have seem similar results. Sweet! Feel free to take a look at the Honeste Online seal on my website (It’s at the bottom of the page.)

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