BlinkWeb Makes Building Sales Letters Easy

Internet marketers Brad and Matt Callen have created something really great for technically disadvantaged business owners :-), or for newbies, or for solopreneurs on a limited budget who don’t have the funds to outsource — website creation that is FREE and is specifically designed for the online business owner. It’s called BlinkWeb.

Blinkweb is a web based editorial tool which allows you to create professional looking sales letters and blogs, with a few simple clicks. Best of all it’s free to use.

If you have something to sell – a product or a service – but have been putting it off because you haven’t figured out how you are going to create an attractive looking website to sell it on. Then this is the tool for you. Grab a free membership over at: and start playing around with it. Let me know once you’ve built your first sales letter or blog — I’d love to feature it to show other readers what the sites can actually look like that are built with BlinkWeb.

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