What Are Your Book Writing Goals: One Book Or A Book Writing Career?

book writing career

If you’re thinking about writing a book or have written a book already, I’d love for you to read this post over on fiction author Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s blog, because I thought it brought up a few excellent points that every writer needs to consider.

What are your book writing goals?

Is it a goal for you to simply write a book (which is no easy feat:) to say that you did it? Would that be a major accomplishment for you that you could check off of your bucket list? Or perhaps you would like to write a book that gets published by a mainstream publishing house that you can haul around with you to your speaking engagements?

Or do you want carve out a career writing and publishing books? Perhaps you’ve been trying to write a book or series of books for years. Maybe you make a living at writing in some other capacity and always thought of book writing as a “side hustle” or a “dream deferred”.

Did you even think that it was possible to make a substantial living as a writer even if you don’t have an existing platform to stand on?

Listen– I’m not judging. Whatever kinds of goals you have as a writer and entrepreneur are perfectly fine, but perhaps you haven’t really given it much thought. Honestly this post gave me some food for thought for myself in regards to my own writing. Check it out…

The Business Rusch: A Career Versus Publication

I was a bit stunned at the response to last week’s blog, not because the response was negative—it wasn’t—but because so many of you said that you had no idea that writing was a career choice.

On a gut level, many of you knew that some of us had made careers as writers, but over the years—decades, maybe—the idea that a writer could not just make a living, but spend her life writing without financial support from some other job, had gotten lost.

The fact that so many of you had no idea writers could be in this profession for life while, at the same time, wanting to become professional writers helped me realize something that I hadn’t been able to understand before.

People make different choices when they’re looking at a career as opposed to the choices they make to achieve a single goal.

Read the rest at: http://kriswrites.com/2013/08/28/the-business-rusch-a-career-versus-publication/#sthash.xwYapoFu.dpuf

Are you looking to publish one book or make a career of writing books? Let’s all check in. I’ll go first…I would like a book writing career.


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