Bring Or Take: Grammar Tip

Lisa’s Grammar Tip For The Day…

Bring Vs. Take Which one is correct usage?
I have to bring my music to the party. OR I have to  take my music to the party?

Here’s a quick explanation so that you get it right every time you sit down to write all your fantastic articles.

Bring is a verb used to show a motion towards you. What this means is that you use bring when something is coming your way.

Please bring my music to me here at the club.
I am at the club already, so the person doing the action is bringing the music to me. That is a motion towards me.

Take is a verb used to show motion away from you. What this means is that you use take when your are moving something away from you.

Please take my music to Betsy at the club.
I am not at the club. I have the music but need it taken somewhere else. This is a motion made away from me.

Now if the content has nothing to do with you – that’s when things get a little tricky.  You can choose to use either bring or take and still be grammatically correct.

Example: The waiter will bring menus to the couple.
Example: The waiter will take menus to the couple.


  1. Sherri says

    How about replacing “bring” and “take,” which are very general and weak verbs, with another, more specific action verb?

    “I must deliver my music to the party,” for example. Specificity always alleviates confusion.

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