Build A Better Infoproduct

Build A Better InfoProduct

Are you beginning to think about the business goals you want to set for your business this year or next year? I know that I am. And one thing I have been considering is the fact I need to always have products to sell to my clients – and not just any product – but much better ones than a lot of the fluff that has notoriously been for sale.

When I think about designing a new product, I have to think about what my clients want first and then the quality of the product I want to deliver second. Now – I have been guilty of taking forever to get a product out because I was so busy perfecting it, but actually I don’t feel bad about it any longer. Its more important to me to deliver a product that I myself would want to buy. When I buy a piece of crap on the web – I return it. That simple. When I buy something that is useful and was thoughtfully put together – I keep it.

So think about this when you are designing your next infoproduct:

1. How long is your product? Do you really need all the pages you have? Is it filled with fluff or does every chapter – every page – serve a purpose.

2. What is your product’s presentation? Is it electronically delivered? Is it a physical product? Is it a combination of both? I myself prefer a combo. Your customer will feel as if they are getting their money’s worth.

3. Are you presenting an old topic with a new spin? Or are you introducing something new to your audience? Its very important that you keep your products relevant and fresh, because a lot of the old information on your particular niche can probably be found for “free” via a few google searches.

4. Have you priced your product accordingly? And are you delivering what your price point calls for? *Tip – Want to raise your price point? Include audio or video with your infoproduct to increase perceived value.

5. Have you been stuck on the development, production, or promotion of your infoproduct for weeks or even months? Ask yourself if your market really wants this product idea of yours, decide to interview other experts for your product to try and get the creative process going.

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