Build A Membership Site Quickly Using Articles

Creating a membership site is one of the hottest new income streams for businesses online. The main reason being is that it provides you with a steady stream of income on a regular basis. A repeat customer if you will.

But a lot of you have hesitated in building one – and rightly so! Because creating the content necessary to run a traditional membership site is a lot of work. And you have to keep creating it. Which is more work. But the membership site model – that I use is easy and can work for any business – any market. And you can truly set it up in 48 hours!

All you need to get started is one 2-3 page article and an autoresponder account. As you write more articles, week after week, you simply add them to the autosresponder account as “lessons” or “content” for your WEEKLY membership site.

When people pay for the first lesson, you add them to that autoresponder list. You can make the membership site last for a finite amount of time (3, 6, 12 months) or you can make it last as long as you have new content to add.

This is the membership model that I use for my article marketing training course Articology (12 months) and the great thing about this model is that you can begin it as soon as you have your first article ready!

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