Building Your Coaching Practice: Six Figures & Beyond!

Building Your Coaching Practice

While I have worked with entrepreneurs of many kinds, I have to admit that I love to work with coaches. One of the reasons why I love to work with coaches on building their coaching practices is because I know how it is to struggle from saying I’m a coach to really making a fantastic living as a coach first hand.

It can be very frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing, and many great coaches fall into the trap of thinking it’s because they aren’t good enough coaches. Yet that’s wrong. While you need to be a good coach to meet the needs of clients coming to you, it’s not the lifeblood of whether you succeed as a coach. What determines your success is how well you can attract new clients to your practice (attraction marketing) and keeping them with you with offering them various opportunities for coaching.

In other words, the real key to building your coaching practice is to consistently attract new clients and turn those clients into loyal supporters of you and your practice. You can only do this when you build a relationship with new prospects – one day at a time – and you do this with great content.

There are a lot of slick marketing strategies out there for attracting clients and customers to businesses. Many people are out there making a lot of money trying to sell you a “magic fix” – but building a coaching practice of your dreams is not a fast fix. This is the point that I’d love for coaches to understand and realize before they throw away thousands of dollars.

*Here’s The Big Key
Building a profitable coaching practice is a slow and steady race of attracting new clients and converting them into loyal fans by providing them high quality content and high impact information that effortlessly makes them want to work with you.

What I Do That Works
I build relationships with my clients by providing a variety of high quality and high impact free content and premium content. Free content can include things such as articles, ezines, teleseminars, webinars, free short reports, and ebooks. Premium content can include items such as ecourses, teleseminar series, webinar courses, ebooks, tutorials, guides, workbooks, premium newsletters, and much more.

Through a mixture of consistent marketing strategies and compelling content, you can build a coaching practice that is recession proof and wonderfully fulfilling – one day at a time!

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