Article Marketing 101: Can I Use Previously Published Articles On New Sites?

Q: Can I submit an article from my blog to another site without penalty? Like an article directory or a friend’s blog?

A: Yes you can, but I highly recommend that you re-write the title and submit an older article. One that is at least 3 months old. That way it’s probably past it’s initial publishing traffic surge at the first site and can be submitted again.

Also if you want to maximize the article’s search engine potential, I highly recommend re-writing the entire article using the unique article wizard. (It’s easier than you think!) That way you will get maximum benefit as the search engines will look at the article as an entirely new article.

Remember that I strongly encourage you to reuse, repurpose and regenerate all existing articles. There is always “something else” that can be done with your old articles. Re-working and then resubmitting old articles is a great way to achieve this.

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