Caution When Editing WWSGD WordPress Plugin

Seth GodinMany bloggers are using the great plugin developed by Richard K Miller, What Would Seth Godin Do. This plugin basically ads a little message before or after your newest post encouraging your new visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed.

The buzz factor of this plugin is that:
1. With cookies enabled, you can control how many times a visitor sees this message. So that after a certain amount of visits – they no longer see the message. I think the default is 3 – but I would recommend at least 7. That’s the average of how long someone needs to be exposed to any marketing message before they take action.

2. You can customize the message. But this is where the CAUTION comes in. Do NOT use a text editor such as TextPad, TextEdit etc. to construct or even copy and paste a message into the options box for WWSGD. If you do, it actually injects some unwanted to spaces/characters in the code that renders the plugin useless and you have to go in and edit the code to get it working again. (Which is what I had to do.)

So edit your message directly within the options text box for the plugin. And of course, if you want to see how it looks and if its working before you mess with your blog – you can always try it in your wordpress testing environment first.

*If you messed up this plugin already, follow these instructions for how to fix it, which I followed and worked like a charm:)


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    Hey Lisa, I’ve experienced a problem with the plugin and I think it may have something to do with what you’re talking about. I edited the message in the box so that the text would have bold font but it ended up making all the font on my homepage bold. I decided to deactivate and delete the plugin to fix it up, but the font on my homepage stayed bold!! Does this mean that the plugin actually edits the code in my wordpress templates and not just in the plugin itself?? In order to get my homepage back to normal I had to reinstall the plugin and keep it activated (but I check the button that makes it so the message doesn’t display). So effectively, I have to keep WWSGD activated but I can’t make use of any of the plugin! Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks, jason.

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      Hi Jason,
      Ugh – what a pain! Sounds like the plugin added a piece of code to your template code that is making
      all the type bold. You should be able to fix that by going in to your CSS code and taking a look.
      I have stopped using the plugin because Thesis allows you to use a “hook” that acts just
      like WWSGD but without the hassles of the buggy plugin. If you can’t find the extra code, I’d
      do a search for the same problem across the web, and if I still didn’t find anything then I would
      go to my pal She should be able to help you fix it.
      Good Luck!

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    Hello, I guess I broke the plugin copying and pasting code and came across this helpful page through Google. Unfortunately the “fixit” link above doesn’t go right to the comment anymore. Can you post your solution here on this page please?
    Thanks so much!

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