Content Marketing Check Up

Ready For Your Content Marketing Check Up?

For a lot of reasons, many people like to schedule doctor’s appointments and dentist appointments at the end of the year. In some cases it’s to take advantage of health benefit options that run out at the end of the year and for others it’s to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape before they start a new year. I am like the latter in many ways.

I like to start off the week with things clear from the week before, and the same goes for every month as well as every year. So with that spirit of getting your house in order before the start of a new year– I thought I’d guide you through a quick and dirty content marketing check up.

Take Inventory Of The Content You Have Produced Last Year.

1. Did you complete what you wanted to create?
Meaning, do you have a lot of half written articles, products, or half done videos on your hard drive?

Reality Check: Half finished means not done. You must produce content on a consistent basis in order to see results.

2. Is everything live, launched and published?
Did you take all the content you created this year and actually publish it? Get it out there or do you actually have completed pieces of content that are sitting on your hard drive because you decided that you didn’t like how it came out or you wanted to tweak a few things before publishing.

Reality Check: What was the point of all that hard work if no on reads, hears, or sees it? Stop playing small and being stingy with your expertise! Take the necessary steps to get your content out there.

3. Is your content representative of the authentic you?
Does your content reflect your current brand and marketing message? Is it a good representation of who you are and what you have to offer prospects? Or is it sort of like a piece of white bread? Bland. Boring. And not really good for you.

Reality Check: Don’t be afraid to show who you really are within your content. If you’re funny, crack a joke. If you’re sarcastic – be dry. If you are a chiropractor turned life coach – stop talking about my back and talk about how you can transform my life! If you’ve made a change in your marketing message and branding (which we all do), then make sure your content is reflective of that moving forward. Don’t confuse your readers.

Your Content Marketing Assignment:

It’s very important that you periodically review the health of your content on your site/blog, on other sites, workshops and teleseminars, social media, etc. So I want you to go ahead and take a collective look at your existing content. Take notes. What did you get right and what could you do a little better? What changes would you like to see for the future? Let me know your results in the comments below.




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