Do Not Quote The Associated Press

One of the reasons why I teach my Articology article marketing system is to teach people how to write effective articles without having to resort to plagiarism. And this is the reason why… The Associated Press just put the word out that they are going to start charging people $2.50 per word for quoting their stories — even if you add a link to the original AP story.

Say WHAT!!! You heard me right.

Evidently this is in an effort to stop bloggers from basically swiping their stories and adding a link to them at the end (which no one will click since they already have the information). It’s basically theft. And they aren’t putting up with it anymore. Solution: Now I know that many of you get your ideas for blog content and articles from the AP wire. So basically you need to read the story once, don’t look at it again, and then re-write it in your own words using your own “voice”. Avoid linking to them since you will be using your own words — but if you feel so inclined, you can add them as a (*source) for your articles and posts — just be darn sure that you haven’t written your story using their words.

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