Do You Write Enough Blog Posts?

I am currently in the middle of a marketing training program (all of you should be investing in continued education by the way:) which brought up a great point about blogging. It talked about how to make any sort of significant impact in your niche – you have to write a blog post every diggity day.

Take a look at the top blogs in your niche – do they write blogs posts everyday? But the part that resonated with me about it – was the fact that they explained how writing regularly trains the search engines to search and spider your content on a regular basis. Getting you quicker placement in the search engine rankings for your blog posts and keywords in those posts. Don’t you just love that? Does that mean that you have to write 500 word articles everyday? Uh, no. But it does mean that you need to be passionate about your topic and dedicated to the success of your blog to make it happen.

Remember you can blog about news in your niche, product reviews, things going on with you personally, updates on your current projects, etc. So I’m up for the challenge. Let’s see if we can all post a bit more frequently. While I am not fully committed to 7 days a week (hey, I have 3 kids, a dog, a fish, and a husband:), I will commit to 5. Okay, well I set the intention…how about you?


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