Don’t Forget The Basics

In an effort to do more marketing for my business, more creative development, more tweaks, more networking, more yada yada…sometimes I can forget to stay focused on completing the basics.

1. Writing Articles

2. Sending out regular newsletters

3. Building Links

All of these things are important or rather they are crucial to the continued growth and success of your online business – regardless of the market.

Remember to build a solid daily plan of action around these three activities, and only then focus on the other parts of your business. I have to remember myself as I get excited about a new writing project, infoproduct, etc. to keep implementing the “basics” on a regular basis.

Its also important to remember that publishing more articles and speaking regularly with your subscribers builds credibility and confidence in you as the “expert”.

In fact, I need to listen to my own advice because I have a newsletter that I need to get out – so enough of today’s post. Just thought I’d pass on a little good karma off to the rest of you:)


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