#1 Secret For Writing Productivity

writing productivityIf you are a parent, especially a mom (shout out to all my moms!), then this is probably going to really speak to you because we tend to be multi-taskers to the tenth power! The problem with multitasking is that it can be distracting. Sure you may get a lot done, but is it really done well? OR do you even get any one thing done completely at all?

I find that the clients who have the most difficult time with creating compelling content on a consistent basis for their audience, tend to suffer from this multitasking approach towards everything in their lives including their marketing and let me tell you — for must of us this approach just won’t work.

So (drumroll please!) this is my #1 strategy and secret for writing and producing more content on a consistent basis:

Focus on only ONE marketing strategy today and that’s creating content.

Do not play around on Twitter. Do not look for Facebook friends and fans. Do not connect with someone on LinkedIn. Forget about commenting on your favorite bloggers posts. Leave those website, pay per click, or Facebook ad stats alone today. Your website doesn’t need any tweaking today. You don’t need to check emails all day. Just once at the top of the day, if at all. Instead, just focus on content.

I find when I decide that on Mondays (my personal writing blitz day) all I am going to do is write, I produce a lot more content. In fact, instead of writing just one blog post or creating one video or writing a guest post for another site — I find that I am creating 5, 7, or 8 different new pieces of content that day that will set me up lovely for the rest of the week! Bam! Content done. Now I don’t have to worry about how I’m behind on creating new content for the rest of the week because I’ve already done it. And get this…

There’s something about doing ONE thing in one sitting, without distraction. You get in a ZONE. So I find that I write my best when I have been writing several articles, book chapters, etc. at one time.

So here’s what I recommend that you do:

1. Select one day a week that you will commit to creating high level content that attracts more of your ideal clients.

2. Eliminate all distractions on that day.

3. Create a series of blog posts, guest posts, video articles, or audio articles that day — don’t just write one piece of content that day.

4. Pay yourself on the back, you’re done for the week!

Ebook Sales Increase!

Ebook Sales Increase — Sales Are Still On The Rise!

eBook Month

March is eBook month here at my site. I chose it because the second week of March was National eBook Week and because the weather is so weird on the East Coast of the U.S. during March, I rather stay in and read — a lot of ebooks! Evidently, I’m not the only one. Ebook sales saw a tremendous increase lately. In fact, according to The Association Of American Publishers, ebooks sales rose 115% in January beating out both paperback and hardcover sales during that same month.

Even Time Magazine proclaimed that the E-Book Era is here.

ebook month

It’s more important than ever to think about writing your first ebook for your business — which is especially easy if you have existing content (articles). Remember your articles can do more than just sit on an article directory or your blog — you can use them to create your own signature ebook. I’ll be talking more about how to do just that very soon so stay tuned!


eBook Week

Ebook Week

ebook readerIt’s Read An eBook Week this month. March 6 – 12th. That’s right, the ebook is officially 40 years old this year and to all you die hard hardcover and paperback readers, I totally understand. I like the feeling of paper in my hand as well, the smell of a new book,  BUT the future of publishing is upon us. And I just as easily fell in love with both my Kindle and my iPad. I don’t want you to miss the boat.

According to Amazon, for the first time since they’ve been in business, they now sell more ebooks then they do physical books. Barnes and Noble’s is selling a great deal of ebooks as well, especially with the release of their revamped eReader – Nook.

Major New York publishers are on the ebook train kicking and screaming – but they’re here. It’s rare now to see a major book release that doesn’t have a digital version of some sort.

Let’s face it, internet marketers were ahead of their time:) Your clients and customers learn through various forms of media and the ebook is one of them – actually the major one. If you’re not on board, it’s time that you get with the program and learn how to write and publish ebooks that your prospects will find irresistible.

The easiest way to create your first ebook is to repurpose articles you already have sitting around on your hard drive, and I’ll talk about this more in depth. So stay tuned!

New To eBooks?
This week is a great time to purchase your first ebook and give it a whirl. If you don’t own an eReader (Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony) or a smartphone with an eReader app (Android, iPhone) – you can always purchase and read one on your desktop or laptop. You’ll just download the PDF version.

Article Marketing Is Expanding…Hello ePublishing!

Article Marketing Is Expanding In 2011!

Every year, I take time to reflect on what has worked for me in my business and what hasn’t worked. If you read my article on my income breakdown for 2010, it shows what things brought in money and what percentage of those things brought in the most money.

I also like to look at trends, etc. going on in my marketplace as well as on what I actually coached people on during the year. With that information I make decisions on my brand. Sometimes that decision is to do nothing more then do “more” of what I’ve been doing. Other times it has meant an overhaul. And sometimes (like this time) it means that I will be expanding my brand.

From this point forward, not only will I talk about article marketing, writing articles, etc. but I will also talk about the things that naturally evolve out of article marketing – which are also topics I coach my private clients on and that includes:

  • Article marketing/writing articles
  • Effective blogging
  • Ezine/newsletter publishing
  • eBook writing/publishing

Combined — these are all topics that fall under the umbrella of electronic publishing a.k.a. ePublishing.

ePublishing Infographic

ePublishing is a topic that you will hear me talk more about in 2011 because it is very exciting! The publishing industry is undergoing a revolution. With the explosion of smart phones, tablets (iPads), and the higher accessibility of computers to more economic groups/ages – people are obtaining information and entertainment via electronic device more than ever.

*Remember that you can write a few articles and use them and reuse them for all these ePublishing techniques. Use them in your article marketing to promote your biz, publish them to your blog for more visibility, include them in your ezine for added value, and combine them to create your signature ebook.

It is vital that you as a business owner take full advantage of this rapidly evolving medium and I’d love for us to expand and grow together. If you are on my list, look out for ways that I will be involving in the expansion of my brand which will also support yours as well.

Hope you have been thinking about how your business and your brand will evolve this year? Tell us about your plans in the comment section below!