EzineArticles Diamond Level Membership

EzineArticles Diamond Level Membership

My favorite article directory for new marketers has just unveiled a new (and seasoned:) level of membership – the diamond level.EzineArticles Diamond Level Membership This is not a level that you pay for, but one that you earn – which really is a take on my entire philosophy of entrepreneurial writing.

Let’s face it, there are many writers on directories who consistently submit TONS of articles (most of the time these are outsourced articles), but what you don’t know is that there are reader complaints about these articles made to the directories. There are typos and grammar errors. EzineArticles has their share of these types of  “junk authors” as well – which is the inspiration for creating this membership level.

It’s important to remember that the key to article marketing success and continual traffic is to write high-quality content and abandon thoughts of writing a large quantity of ‘so-so’ content. That is exactly why EzineArticles.com has finally rewarded writers who choose quality over quantity with a new membership level which offers new benefits.

Benefits & Features of EzineArticles Diamond Level

  • You’ll receive faster article review times, faster Member Support responses and unlimited article submissions. Premium members will still receive fastest review and support priority times, but Diamond members will receive priority before Platinum member submissions and email support.
  • A diamond image will be next to your by-line name to let readers know you are among the most trusted members we have.
  • More experienced editors will review your article submissions.
  • You are the best of the best and you’ll be held accountable to that. Therefore, problems in one article could cause you to lose Diamond status.
  • The Diamond upgrade is account-wide. The primary member is responsible for the quality of all articles and alternate author names on the account.
  • Upon request, you may be granted the ability to write articles in the 250-400 word range providing you continue to deliver high value to your readers.

How To Qualify For EzineArticles Diamond Membership

  • You must have at least 10 live articles in your account.
  • Your Author Bio must be 100% complete, including your author photo.
  • You need to submit a request for the Diamond level upgrade through yourAuthor’s Area:
    1. Login to https://Members.EzineArticles.com/
    2. Select “Account Manager” from the dropdown menu, and then select “View Account Status”
    3. If you qualify according to the six points, fill out the form for Diamond Membership and select “Send Request”

Should I Request Diamond Membership?

Absolutely. This is not a “easy” membership to obtain. Standards are high, so if you meet the qualifications which you should if you’ve gone through my training course Articology :), then this level will set you apart from the more average submissions made by the competitors in your niche.

What do you think about EzineArticle’s Platinum & Diamond membership levels?


  1. says

    How in the world am I going to catch up on all the content you have here?!? Wish I had known about this sooner. But, be that as it may, I’m here. Now to start digesting all this while trying to do Articology at the same time. Thanks, Lisa. I have a feeling I’m going to be indebted to you.

  2. says

    Quality over quantity is MUCH better in any Article Marketing strategy. So many WSOs out there that try to get people to submit as many articles as possible. This can negatively affect a strategy in the long run. Diamond level is a great way to incentivize quality over quantity.

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