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The growth of social marketing especially Facebook Marketing has been absolutely explosive! But if you are anything like me, I like for “other folks” to test the waters of new technology out first, and then if I see that it is truly working or can work in my market, then I will go ahead and adopt the new technology.

Social marketing happened to be great for content writers like myself, so I decided to pick just a few social media sites that I like to build a presence on. One of my favorites is Facebook, and here are a few cool articles I found recently on how to use Facebook to build and grow your online presence.

Facebook Marketing Tips and Techniques Posted By : Lucien Bechard

Want to become a Facebook marketing expert? Here are some Facebook marketing tips and techniques.


Facebook Marketing Tips: Make the Most of Your Fan Page

Facebook Marketing Tips: Make the Most of Your Fan Page.


Copywriter: How To Be A Facebook Marketing Star

If Facebook marketing is something you’ve tried for your business, you’ll know the power of it and possibly, how some people are gaining thousands of new visitors per day because of it. The thing is that most people try, though most of …


Don’t be afraid any longer. Now is the time to dip your toe into the waters of Facebook Marketing:) I’ll see you over there!

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