February Affiliate Article Marketing

February Affiliate Article Marketing

Shrink, Track, Share, Control ... Dominate

February is a great month for affiliate article marketing because the relationship, dating, love market has always been hot and will remain to be so as long as people are looking for their soulmates. (awww!!) Trust me when I say that this is a niche that is NEVER going to go stale. The great thing about the human spirit is that collectively, it never gives up hope of love and success.

The only problem that many marketers have with this niche is the saturation factor. Which means that a LOT of people promote in this market. For example, if you do a Google search for “dating” in quotes, you will get a return of about 217 million sites. Yikes!

february affiliate marketing

Yet, don’t let that statistic scare you though. There are plenty of brand new affiliate marketers out there that are making a great supplemental income writing articles in this niche. The key to success is to drill down deep and find great long-tail keywords AND a great product to promote.

Here are a few long-tail keyword rich phrases in the dating niche to get you started. Just download this absolutely free, no opt-in required, ultimate keyword list (PDF) to get going.

Click To Download: Ultimate Keyword List Research: DATING

Word to the wise…use the list! Don’t just download this freebie, glaze over the list, and go to your emails. Uh-uh!

Write a few articles to grab some of the February traffic looking for love and you will be mighty proud of yourself by March. And while you’re at it, think about your own website or blog. Are you reaching the thousands of free search engine traffic in your niche by targeting the right keywords? Now is the time to to a little keyword research and make sure you that you are on target and that your competition isn’t the only one benefiting from free search engine traffic.

Last Thing
If you write an article targeting this niche using one of the keywords in this list, feel free to link to your article in the comment section below. Be quick about it though. I close comments to my articles after a specific amount of time.


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    I am promoting a german dating website do you also get german keyword or even the keywords that are in the pdf?? But in the dating niche there is a very hard fight between SEO’s so you must build a lot of backlinks to get success….maybe in the u.s. it a little bit different but in germany it is very hard.

    • says

      Backlinks are important of course – but they are more important when you are competing for highly trafficked/competitive keywords. My list of keywords are 3+ long taill keywords that are still very possible to rank for if you write and submit your articles to strategic directories as well as your own site. I’m sure the same holds true for German search.

      Thanks for stopping by and visiting – much success with your dating site.

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    Article marketing is a way to build traffic and fat improve the appearance of the engine power Some people submit an article to hundreds of thousands of article directories, but it will not work for SEO.


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