Article Marketing 101: Finding The Discipline To Write

I love to write. I have always written – basically my whole life. Whether it was a daily diary entry when I was in love and in 5th grade, or when I was writing for a major newspaper or trade magazine — I was always writing. The thing is, I always wrote better when there was pressure on me to write. A deadline that meant my job! A deadline that meant no freelance check if it wasn’t delivered on time. Honestly – if it wasn’t for “fear”, I’m not sure if any of my writing would have been delivered on time. And there lies the problem with entrepreneurship — how do you find the discipline to write like you should for your business when the only one to hold you accountable is you?

These are a few suggestions…

1. Create a sense of urgency in your marketing. Give yourself a deadline and commit it to a calendar, paper, etc. of when you have to have something written – good, bad or boring:-)

2. Get organized. Sometimes we lack the discipline to follow through on all of our great article ideas because we are all over the place in our business. I have been guilty of that for sure. A good barometer — if your bedroom is cluttered, most likely the details of your business are too. Get some organization going in your business and finding the time to write will be much easier then you think.

3. Put it on paper. Commit yourself to writing a certain amount of articles per month and write it down in a marketing plan, checklist, or even a to do list. The act of writing it down and committing it to paper makes a powerful statement in your subconscious.

4. Cut the crap! Make the decision that today is the last day you will procrastinate. Whether or not you love writing — the proof is in the pudding. The more your write, the more results you will see in your business. In the way of the Nike™ – just do it!

5. Imagine the ramifications if you don’t write. Think in terms of the way I use to think when I was working for someone else. If I didn’t write and didn’t hand it in on time – there was a penalty to myself and ultimately to their business. They depended on my articles and I depended on their payments. Imagine if you didn’t write for your business? The money you would lose. The impact it may have on your business. The inconsistency of your marketing message being delivered in your marketplace can have direct affects on your business – no cash flow! No results! Remember that…

Writing Articles = More Income

Can you think of other ways that seem to help you and could help others create the necessary discipline to write articles for their business? If so please leave a comment.

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