Free Ali Brown Teleseminar Series

I’ve mentioned her before I’m sure…but I just wanted to let you all know about a completely free teleseminar series by one of my most influential coaches – Ali Brown. Especially, because this is the last time she will be offering this seminar series — and most of all because it is chock full of information. Not fluff. You will learn something by the end of this series.

==> On these calls, Ali is going to reveal the EXACT steps she took to transform her original service-based business to an Internet-based business and skyrocketed her income to multiple 7-figures per year.
(And more importantly, how YOU can do the same.)

During these calls Ali will be sharing with us:
* NEW and easy ways to use EMAIL and the INTERNET to leverage your time, sell FOR you, and put your marketing and sales on autopilot. (You’ll love seeing new leads, clients, and customers just drop in your lap.)

* How to STOP marketing one-to-one and START marketing one to thousands… or tens of thousands! (This leverage is your KEY to super-fast income growth.)

* BRAND NEW strategies and secrets Ali’s uncovered to grow her business FASTER and attract wealth easier than ever before. (And believe me, your mindset is just as important as your marketing and sales.)

These calls are a sneak preview of Ali’s LAST LIVE Online Success Blueprint Workshop, happening in November 2008. (It’s already over halfway sold out!) I went to my first one back in 2006. Fantastic!

Take my word for it… you DON’T want to miss this FREE teleseminar series, which is also Ali’s LAST free series on this topic ever. Ali already has over 1,600 people registered, so it’s important you get in on this soon before she has to close it out due to limited space on her bridge lines.

Join me on the first call – Tuesday July 15. Register for free here – and I’ll see you over there!

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