Free Article Marketing Course: Lesson 9 – How Articles & Newsletters Generate Sales

When I was first starting out on the web, I wrote a really weak newsletter for my subscribers. I mean I have a professional background as a writer — I had written for The New York Times for goodness sakes! But I had to face the fact that my newsletter wasn’t doing much for my business and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

It wasn’t until I found one of my mentor’s — Alexandria Brown and read her Boost Your Business With Your Own Ezine — that I realized what was missing.

One of the many things that I learned from her was that I could actually sell and generate sales straight from my ezine, and one of the keys to that was writing an info-packed article in every issue of my ezine.

When you write articles for your newsletters and ezines, there are a few important things that your articles should be doing…

1. Give the reader useful information. Your own newsletter is not the place for your more “fluffy” articles. As if you wrote those:-) No, your ezine is the place for some of your best work because you are building a relationship with your subscribers. They need to be able to trust what you say and like what you say.

2. Support a principle that you teach in one of your products or services. For example, if you offer relationship coaching sessions for couples — it would be great if you wrote an article on The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Marriage Needs Coaching. This is an informative topic that you could share a lot of tips in that also supports your business and the relationship that you want to have with prospects.

3. Promote a product or service of yours or an affiliate product or service within the body of the article. Remember that this article doesn’t have to pass the scrutiny of an article directory. You can promote all that you want inside your own article — but just remember to choose your promotions sparingly and cautiously. You do not want to overload your subscribers – just get them interested enough to click back to your site or your sales page.

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