Free Article Marketing Course: Lesson 11 – Maximize Your Writing With Video Articles

I am a mother of three, with two dogs, a husband with a demanding work schedule and I have a home-based online business. Let me just say it. I don’t get dressed! Not unless you count sweats and a headband. So I have been reluctant to get heavily into video marketing which is all the rage — until now.

Instead of getting all crazy about when and how I was going to ever produce enough videos to make an impact in my business, due mainly to time constraints and honestly – motivation (I like my college sweatshirt!). I decided to get creative and find a way to combine both videos and articles to get the best of both worlds.

It’s so simple — you can do it after you finish reading this article.

1. Write your article.
2. Create a powerpoint presentation of your article. If you are a mac user you can use keynote as well.
3. Add pictures if you want to get creative, or you could simply just type chunks of the article on each slide.
4. Convert your powerpoint file to a flash or quicktime movie file.
5. Upload your video to YouTube and any other video sites you can find.
6. Watch the traffic roll in!

You can learn about my other strategies for creating video articles in the most comprehensive article marketing weekly training program available — Articology.

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