Free Article Marketing Course: Lesson 3 – Does Submitting Articles To Article Directories Really Work?

There is a lot of conflicting information out there on the web on whether or not article directories still work or are an outdated method of gaining article exposure.

Well the truth is – is that article directories seem to be here to stay. The key is to know how to use them properly.

1.    Choose article directories that have a good Google page ranking. PR4 or better.
2.    Choose article directories that are have active editors and review your work in a reasonable time. If it takes weeks, then you know that it isn’t where you want to be.
3.    Choose article directories that have very high traffic numbers unless it is a niche directory. You can check this over at Alexa.
4.    Choose an article directory that you know your potential customers and clients visit.
5.    Important – read the writer guidelines for each directory you submit to. The #1 reason why most articles are rejected is because the writer failed to follow the guidelines of the site.

Another matter of concern with article directories, is whether or not your work will suffer a duplicate content penalty if it is submitted to a zillion different directories. Well the answer to this is yes and no.

No, as a small business in the vast world of the web – your site will not be black-balled if you submit your article to a few hundred directories. Although there are some site owners out there who would disagree with me. But…

Yes, your articles will fall under Google’s duplicate content filter – and what that means is that if there 200 of the same article out there on 200 different sites – Google will filter the search engine results to only show one or a few of those articles. And most likely those will be on the sites with the most importance.

So does it really make sense to send your article to hundreds of article directories? Probably not. No one is going to see them on those other sites AND you will not gain any backlink benefit from them. Only from a few.

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