Free Article Marketing Course: Lesson 5 – How To Build Your List Using Articles

It is tougher than ever to add people to our subscriber lists these days, but it is still extremely important that we build a good list in order for our businesses to prosper.

So the key to building a good subscriber list is to offer potential subscribers something of good quality and something that is free.

Whether you offer your subscribers a free report, infoproduct, cd, or video — any or all of these items can be created using articles.

Write a few articles and combine them for a free report. Record an article and burn it on a cd, or offer the audio as a free download for opting in. Speak your article into your webcam or your flip video camera and offer it as a free training video.

Another idea that always works is to write a series of “evergreen” articles and create an autoresponder ecourse with them. Give it a great title and have people opt-in for your course. This is a great way to repurpose articles that you have already written.

Do you write an ezine or newsletter? Well a great way to build your subscriber list and to build a relationship with those subscribers is to offer them a powerful new article in every issue. I subscribe to a lot of marketing lists, but the ones that I stay subscribed to are the ones that offer a fresh new article in every issue.

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