Free Article Marketing Course: Lesson 8 – Article Directories Are Traffic Magnets

A while back I wrote a bonus lesson for my premium article marketing training courseArticology™, detailing the many benefits of one of my favorite article directories. It was one of the easiest bonus lessons I had ever written, because the content just poured out of my head! Why? Because article directories are a tremendous source of traffic for almost any business – in any niche.

With all the search engine optimization tricks and tactics out there, there is one principle that has never changed and that is that Google and other search engines LOVE content. And the more you write – the better.

That’s why so many article directories out there have great PR rankings and traffic statistics. It’s a no brainer for marketers like us to submit our content to directories, and as you become a more advanced marketer — it may even be a good idea for you to build your own article directory. It’s actually very easy to get off the ground — I have taught clients how to do it who had very little experience.

Just remember this when choosing an article directory:
1. Pick a directory that is active. That means you get emails from them. They review and approve your articles in a reasonable amount of time.

2. Pick a directory with good stats. One with a decent PR ranking (not a 2 or 3) and one that has a steady flow of traffic (check Alexa rankings).

3. Pick a directory that you would consider syndicating content from. If the articles are all junkie and you wouldn’t use them – then you don’t want your own articles sitting over there either.

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