Free Article Marketing Course: Lesson 10 – Articles and Affiliate Marketing

Are you interested in promoting other people’s products? Do you have a few mentors whose products you loved and want to promote? Or would you rather start an affiliate marketing based online business – instead of a product driven one? Or do you have an information site that will only make money via advertising and affiliate income?

Well then there are three things you need to know about using affiliate marketing in your articles.

1. Writing product reviews is one of the best ways to combine article marketing and affiliate marketing. The reason why — is that if people decide to read your review it’s because they wanted information on that particular product and will probably buy or not buy straight from your affiliate link — based on your review of course:-)

2. If you write articles and submit them to article directories, make sure you check the writer’s guidelines. A lot of directories do not allow affiliate links in their articles or even in the bio or resource boxes. Some directories will allow an affiliate link if it links to a custom url such as – but not if it links to or some other domain name with a backslash extended url.

Some marketers like to have a few core products and services that they always promote such as web hosting, shopping carts, etc. and will create a custom url to effectively promote them in their articles. But I would only really do this if I know that the affiliate is a proven earner (in articles or blog posts on my site), and is even worth the effort.

3. If you own an information-based site like my flagship site, then you can really get busy and monetize all the content on your site. Advertising is a really good earning model such as Google’s Adsense, but I can make the same amount on one affiliate sale that my site makes during one entire day with adsense. So make sure that you cover all your bases when it comes to the articles on your own website. Promoting Clickbank products has always been a great earner for me on all my sites.

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