Article Submission Directories: List of Free Online Article Directories

I am a big believer that if someone has done all the work for you, and done it well, why bother doing it yourself? That’s why I am going to point you over to an up-to-date and comprehensive list of free article directories that will bring you maximum results. While there are companies that will do this for you, there are plenty of people who have the time and the gumption to manually submit their articles — and of course the biggest benefit is that it costs you nothing to do it yourself and you really get the feel of each article directory and which ones are the best fit for your content, when you submit yourself. So without further ado, go over to social media genius Jack Humphrey’s site and take a look at his comprehensive list of article directories. Then go submit!  Article Directory List Or if you rather not bother submitting to dozens to hundreds of article directories, then you can submit to these favorites and see REAL results:





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Finally, if you rather just write and have someone else do all the heavy lifting a.k.a. article submissions, then I highly recommend the SubmitYourArticle article submission service.

Bonus Tip: To add “juice” to your content, consider submitting your site or blog to good directories like (Cyberuse Quality Paid Directory).

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